Optimus Primavera Sound 2012: A Preview

Today’s the day. Optimus Primavera Sound starts in a matter of hours and we’ll be covering it live via our facebook and twitter accounts. Be sure to follow them – if you don’t use such artifacts, you’ll be able to read our full review here on the website later on. To help you choose what to see in the fest, five of our team members who are going there made their picks and chose 3 bands you shouldn’t miss. Who’s that stranger that goes by the initials CB? Yeah, that’s our special guest Chris Brokaw, Codeine’s legendary drummer.

Also, don’t forget to print our timetable, in case you missed it.

Thursday, 7th June

You have no excuse to miss Atlas Sound in the first day, as they play at 19.00 and there is no overlapping Thursday night. Did you see Deerhunter on last edition of Festival Paredes de Coura? If you did, you know that you can’t miss Bradford Cox, lead-singer of Deerhunter, presenting his solo project in Portugal. Certainly he will bring us some psychedelic themes from Parallax, his latest album, as Mona Lisa or “Te Amo”, two words very familiar to Portuguese speakers. – RBC

Atlas Sound, “Mona Lisa”

I got sad too when Explosions in the Sky were cancelled but c’mon: Mercury Rev are so, so huge! They are one my favorite bands ever and they almost made me cry like a little girl when I saw them play Deserter’s Songs in its entirety last year in London. I don’t know how the concert will be in a festival context, but every place is magic to hear themes as “Goddess on a Highway” or my favorite ones, “Tonight It Shows” and “Endlessly”, two songs bigger than life. Mercury Rev will always make my heart beat faster and they will always bring tears to my eyes, so I truly recommend you to take the big chance of attend their concert at the end of the festival’s first night. – RBC

Mercury Rev, “Tonight It Shows”

THE RAPTURE. SO THERE. You don’t even have an excuse. Overlayed? No, anybody can (and will, I hope) see this one. Late? Oh please, how old are you? 7? 91? And even people that age wouldn’t miss this. Never heard anything of them? Shit cocks, me neither! Just fucking dance already. The. Rapture. Be wet ladies. – BSC

The Rapture, “How Deep Is Your Love?”

Friday, 8th June

Other Lives are great! One day I was checking out some artists pick at KCRW (great radio station, btw) and ended up listening their second album, Tamer Animals, a delicious, melodic and soulful journey that deserves to be heard next Friday. – JM

Other Lives, “Tamer Animals”

Indie-rock gurus Yo La Tengo are coming back to Portugal. Their latest album, Popular Songs, was released in the last decade (yeah, 2009, that was some time ago, your new album is long overdue, etc) but the trio are as fresh as new. Georgie, Ira, and James are just as good as your that car that you bought last week (judging from their last show in Barcelona) and indie-rock standards as “Autumn Sweater”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Tom Courtenay” are expected to be heard in Porto next Friday. Hey, dudes, if you wanna make somebody in the audience happy just play your cover of “Cast a Shadow”, which is like, 852375802375807235 times better than the original. The little bald guy jumping? That’s me. – JFC

Yo La Tengo, “The Summer”

Working 60 miles away from the festival site is a pain in the ass. Besides not being able to attend the first day of the festival due to a strike, I’ll be lucky if I can still catch The War on Drugs live on the Club stage. Frontman Adam Granduciel lies somewhere Bob Dylan and Springsteen and his band sounds like one of them listened to too much Can and fell in love with repetition. So stoked to see them. – DSS

The War on Drugs, “Baby Missiles”

RAFAEL TORAL: very psyched for this – saw him once in Boston and it was fascinating. – CB

Rafael Toral, “AE 1”

“Festival”. Something “festive”. A “party”. Codeine and “party” in the same sentence makes as much sense as putting the words “pork” and “vegan” next to each other. But since this is the first time anyone my age is able to see the slowcore legends live, why leave them behind to see party-hard numbers Black Lips and Flaming Lips? Codeine > lips. I wish I had codeine instead of lips. I wish every band in the world was as good as Codeine. – DSS

Codeine, “Pea”

Shellac is the best live band in the world. I shit you not. I’ve been to Primavera twice before (‘09 and ’10) and guess what? They gave the best concert of the festival both years. Being the resident band of the festival, you’ll probably be able to see them next year if you don’t next Saturday. But the question is: why wouldn’t you see them every year? The answer lies just below these lines, and I’ll finally go see Wilco for the first time – but I’ll surely be staring at the ATP stage every single time they plays a song I’m not too fond of, thinking about those incredible concerts in Barcelona. – DSS

Shellac, “The End of Radio”

In Wilco we trust! What else? This amazing all-star band is always a pick wherever they’re playing, and despite the last two less brilliant albums we can expect the world from them. It’s my debut seeing them (I know, only in 2012), but it’s a fucking dream. – JM

Wilco – “She’s a Jar”

Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees have a lot in common. Well, maybe they don’t. But I’m pretty sure they share the same influences. If Black Lips are a bit more of drunk, rock-n-roll, crowdsurfing type, with The Oh Sees being a tad more raw, minimalist sometimes,  and the other times just drawing Pollock into sounds, these are both shows you can’t miss. And you know what? They’re all playing Friday. Hope to see you there. – JFC

Black Lips, “Bone Marrow”

Thee Oh Sees, “Block of Ice”

Beach House – After seeing two concerts and listening to four albums, Victoria and her mates certainly are a solid pick. Their dream shoegazing pop (wtv) really makes me feel in a trip repositioning the moon and the stars on my very own aircraft, and I’ll be very pleased to listen any of new album Bloom’s tracks. – JM

Beach House, “Myth”

Saturday, 9th June

I already wrote about 3 bands. I’m assuming you all know Spiritualized is one of the best bands in the world. I’m not going to write more than two lines about it, I just wanted to remind you of that. – DSS

Spiritualized, “Come Together”

Let yourself have an electronic shoegaze moment Saturday night with I Break Horses, a band composed by two Swedish hypochondriacs who met themselves in 2008 in an online medical forum that both used to visit. They just added synthesizers, guitars and some voices to their health-paranoia and released Hearts, their first album, last year. I hope that they play Winter Beats, the only winter-thing that I wish to this almost summer festival. – RBC

I Break Horses, “Winter Beats”

JAMES FERRARO AND THE BODYGUARD –  I am a huge fan of his records, tapes, CD-r’s – this is the one show I am really sad to miss… – CB

James Ferraro, “Killer Nerd”

One of the names that I don’t see many people talking about it’s got to be the Afghan Whigs, and fuck this is quality: reformed last year, one of the greats of the so loved 90’s, with roots on grunge but not exactly a part of the genre (maybe this is what keeps so many people away, so shove it up and go see Lee Ranaldo if you must, or some other thing), and well, given the Primavera’s line-up, for sure they will save some rockers in this day. Basically a must see. Or Lee Ranaldo, that’s going to be cool too. Or the other thing at the same time, can’t remember what. – BSC (Note from the editor: It’s the fucking Weeknd. No one cares.)

The Afghan Whigs, “Gentlemen”

DEMDIKE STARE – I missed their Seattle show 2 weeks ago, everyone is raving about it. – CB

Demdike Stare, “Bardo Thodol”

Sunday, June 10th

The last band that I wouldn’t miss (luckily I won’t) it’s Neutral Milk Hotel. Oh, Jeff Mangum, right. It’s Neutral Milk Hotel, whatever, and I totally want to be there at Casa da Música, and I’m not even a fan of NMH. In fact some songs are just pure baloney to me, but I guess that’s the fun of it, at least I can take some. But, since the show will be a bit restricted to some unlucky people, I warn you to move instead to Hard Club, at the Ribeirinha zone and go check some cool dudes called You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown. Top tier music from Portugal to the World, in the words of another well exported band of ours. – BSC

You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown, “Over the Sun/Under the Water”