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#183: Weyes Blood, “Titanic Rising”

It doesn’t take long for the listener to realize Natalie Mering is an artist in her prime while listening to her fourth record as Weyes Blood. While the already remarkable “Front Row Seat to Earth” had its number of high peaks coupled with a couple of less remarkable moments, “Titanic Rising” is a serious contender for album of the year, and definitely a career best for someone we once thought was just Enya for people who order matcha lattes at modern coffee establishments. (Sorry about that.)

Plus new tracks by the likes of Vera Sola, Heather Woods Broderick, Siskiyou, Jake Xerxes FussellPhil Cook, Laura Stevenson, Alex Rex, M. Lockwood Porter, Los Coast, Super DopplerJonah Tolchin, Carl Anderson, Drunken PrayerPUP et al.

Bolachas Now Playing, 13/2019 (#183):

Weyes Blood – Something to Believe
Weyes Blood – Mirror Forever
Vera Sola – Crooked Houses
Heather Woods Broderick – White Tail
Siskiyou – Stop Trying
The Tallest Man On Earth – I’m A Stranger Now
Alex Rex – Brother
The National – Light Years
Big Thief – Cattails
Jake Xerxes Fussell – The River St. Johns
Phil Cook – Waiting ‘round the Oven Buns
Laura Stevenson – Dermatillomania
M. Lockwood Porter – Communion in the Ashes
PUP – Free at Last
Titus Andronicus – (I Blame) Society
Super Doppler – You Bring Me Down
Los Coast – Monsters
White Denim – Small Talk (Feeling Control)
Drunken Prayer – Cordelia
The Felice Brothers – Special Announcement
Fruit Bats – The Bottom of It
Jonah Tolchin – Every Dream Can Become a Nightmare
Mac DeMarco – All Of Our Yesterdays
Carl Anderson – Ten Different Reasons
Steve Earle – L.A. Freeway

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