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#180: Sensible Soccers, “Aurora”

Three years later, Sensible Soccers finally drop their third LP and we still have no idea why they’re not taking this record worldwide with a big ass tour. This might be their best album to date. Plus: new songs by Matmos, The Comet is Coming, The Budos Band, The Mystery Lights, Black PumasSasami, illuminati hotties, Lola Kirke, Jenny Lewis,Kim Lenz, Michael Nau, Helado Negro, The Fire Harvest, Tyler Ramsey, The Wild Reeds, Bill MacKay, James Yorkston, Carl Anderson, Baptiste W. Hamon, Daniel Norgren, and Howe Gelb.

Bolachas Now Playing, 10/2019 (#180):

Matmos – The Crying Pill
The Comet Is Coming – Blood Of The Past (w/Kate Tempest)
Sensible Soccers – Chavitas
Sensible Soccers – Import Export
The Budos Band – Arcane Rambler
The Mystery Lights – Someone Else is in Control
Black Pumas – Fire
SASAMI – Morning Comes
illuminati hotties – I Wanna Keep Yr Dog
Lola Kirke – Sip the Wine
Jenny Lewis – Wasted Youth
Kim Lenz – Guilty
Michael Nau – No Quit
Helado Negro – Pais Nublado
The Fire Harvest – Human
Tyler Ramsey – Firewood
The Wild Reeds – Run and Hide
Bill MacKay – Welcome
James Yorkston – Like Bees to Foxglove
Carl Anderson – Roses
Baptiste W. Hamon – Bloody Mary
Daniel Norgren – Let Love Run the Game
Howe Gelb – Steadfast

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