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#167: State Champion, “Send Flowers”

As we approach 2018’s twilight and the first few publications start posting their best of the year lists, we decide to keep focusing on brand new music for a few more weeks. This week, we highlight State Champion’s new LP, ‘Send Flowers’. We’ll let the Silver Jews’ David Berman (we miss you, come back) make the introductions: “If Bob Dylan was funny, if Tom Waits was relevant, Ryan might not be peerless at what he does best, which is writing large gregarious circles around his pitiful colleagues in the field. He’s the best lyricist who’s not a rapper going.”

Plus: new tracks by Superchunk, Richard Dawson & Rhodri Davies’ Hen Ogledd, Action Bronson, Altın Gün, Jacco Gardner, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Girlpool, Mercury Rev with Margo PriceCarson McHone, Craig Brown Band, Rhett MillerRobert Ellis, Raoul Vignal, Eiko Ishibashi, Liela Moss, Nadine Khouri, Pearls Before Swine, and Jozef Van Wissem.

Bolachas Now Playing, 40/2018 (#167):

Superchunk – Total Eclipse
Hen Ogledd – Problem Child
Action Bronson – Ring Ring (feat. Big Body Bes)
Altin Gün – Vay Dünya
Jacco Gardner – Levania
Jeff Tweedy – Let’s Go Rain
Girlpool – Hire
State Champion – My Over, My Under
State Champion – If You Don’t Show Me
Mercury Rev – Sermon (feat. Margo Price)
Carson McHone – Ain’t You Lucky (I Love Being Lonely)
Craig Brown Band – Big City Small Town
Rhett Miller – Wheels
Robert Ellis – Fucking Crazy
Raoul Vignal – I Have Sinned
Eiko Ishibashi – Agloe
Liela Moss – Memories and Faces
Nadine Khouri – To Sleep
Pearls Before Swine – I Saw the World
Jozef Van Wissem – How You Must Leave