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#230: Damien Jurado, “What’s New, Tomboy?”

You know Spring has arrived whenever there’s a new Damien Jurado album to marvel at. The prolific American singer-songwriter is probably the most featured artist in our playlist since we started five years ago, and he doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down any time soon. We’re not complaining. Plus: new tracks by Lavinia BlackwAll, Alasdair Roberts, Johanna WarrenTalitha FerriBig ThiefAndy JenkinsCourtney Marie AndrewsChristian Lee HutsonLanghorne SlimZachary CaleRose City BandCar Seat HeadrestMan ManBC CamplightChicano BatmanAmerican AquariumGrutera, João Pais Filipe, neubauten.orgProtomartyrFantastic Explosion, and Diet Cig.

Bolachas Now Playing, 18/2020 (#230):

Lavinia Blackwall – Nothing Is Wasted
Alasdair Roberts – Easter Parade (feat. Amble Skuse)
Johanna Warren – Bones of Abandoned Futures
Talitha Ferri – Matchbox
Big Thief – Love in Mine
Andy Jenkins – Far Away From Here (feat. Erin Rae)
Damien Jurado – When You Were Few
Damien Jurado – Frankie
Courtney Marie Andrews – If I Told
Christian Lee Hutson – Talk
Langhorne Slim – Private Property (feat. Twain)
Zachary Cale – Mad Season
Rose City Band – Real Long Gone
Car Seat Headrest – Life Worth Missing
Man Man – Cloud Nein
BC Camplight – I Only Drink When I’m Drunk
Chicano Batman – Wounds
American Aquarium – Brightleaf + Burley
Grutera – Fica Entre Nós
João Pais Filipe – XV
Einstürzende Neubauten – Alles in Allem
Protomartyr – Worm In Heaven
Fantastic Explosion – Neymar
Diet Cig – Flash Flood