Bolachas Now Playing

#267: Black Country, New Road, “For the first time”

Black Country, New Road was supposed to have exploded all over Europe in 2020, but the world had different plans for them. The hype created by a band with two released songs to their name was unusual, but it had roots on their explosive live shows that some of us were fortunate to witness before all of this crashed down. Dubbed (by themselves) the world’s second best Slint tribute act, the London post-punk-ish septet sounds like nothing we’ve heard recently, except maybe their peers Black Midi (probably the best Slint tribute act, who knows). Here’s a band whose entire first record managed to find its way into our playlist. Enjoy.

Plus: new tracks by Bodies of WaterCool SoundsFruit BatsTele NovellaJillette JohnsonSteady HolidayTeenage FanclubSean Riley & The SlowridersRose City BandDream PeopleT. G. ShandRats on Rafts, Editrix, IceagePsychedelic Porn CrumpetsTV PriestMaripoolChuck JohnsonA.A. WilliamsP.S. LucasPeter Matthew Bauer, and The Peacers.

Bolachas Now Playing, 06/2021 (#267):

Bodies Of Water – Every Little Bird
Cool Sounds – Plains
Fruit Bats – The Balcony
Tele Novella – Words That Stay
Jillette Johnson – Annie
Steady Holiday – Sunny In The Making
Teenage Fanclub – I’m More Inclined
Sean Riley & The Slowriders – Hide
Rose City Band – Lonely Places
Dream People – People Think
T. G. Shand – The Ease
Rats On Rafts – The Rise And Fall Of The Plague
Black Country, New Road – Instrumental
Black Country, New Road – Opus
Editrix – Tell Me I’m Bad
Iceage – The Holding Hand
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – The Terrors
TV Priest – Decoration
Maripool – Blindness
Chuck Johnson – Serotiny
A.A. Williams – Nights In White Satin
P.S. Lucas – The Terms (feat. Florent Manevoh)
Peter Matthew Bauer – Mountains on Mountains
The Peacers – Irish Suit