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#277: Dinosaur Jr., “Sweep It Into Space”

It’s not common for a reunion to last longer than the original run of a band. Also uncommon for the reunion-era records to be as consistently good as Dinosaur Jr.‘s. Produced by Kurt Vile, “Sweep It Into Space” is the band’s twelfth LP and the fifth since 2005’s original lineup reunion. It sees the band mostly exploring its melodic side without straying much from the typical Dino Jr sound – exactly what we all want from them.

++ new tracks by The Felice BrothersReigning SoundA Place To Bury StrangersJeff RosenstockNew PagansHelvetia, blair, BedroomsBachelorAngel Olsen, Satomimagae, Jess LockeSour WidowsUwadeMaria DeHartGold ChildOliver IgnatiusThe Pink StonesAshley MonroeBruno PernadasPedro MafamaDavid Bruno & Mike El Nite, and IAN SWEET.

Bolachas Now Playing, 16/2021 (#277):

The Felice Brothers – Inferno
Dinosaur Jr. – Take It Back
Dinosaur Jr. – N Say
Reigning Sound – Oh Christine
A Place To Bury Strangers – End of the Night
Jeff Rosenstock – SKrAm!
New Pagans – It’s Darker
Helvetia – New Mess
blair – Bug or Flea
Bedrooms – in yer pocket
Bachelor – Sick of Spiraling
Angel Olsen – Alive and Dying (Waving, Smiling)
Satomimagae – Manuke
Jess Locke – Tell Me I’m Okay
Sour Widows – Look the Other Way
Uwade – The Man Who Sees Tomorrow
Maria DeHart – Obsessions
Gold Child – Like You Used To
Oliver Ignatius – Debris (feat. Lola Kirke)
The Pink Stones – Miss Wind Turbine
Ashley Monroe – Groove
Bruno Pernadas – Little Season I
Pedro Mafama – Estaleiro
David Bruno & Mike El Nite – Amor Pago
IAN SWEET – I See Everything