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#283: Japanese Breakfast, “Jubilee”

Michelle Zauner’s first two albums as Japanese Breakfast sounded promising, but not really that exciting – not that it aimed at that. But, as soon as the horns in “Paprika” kick in, you can’t help but feel this *is* the breakout album we were waiting for from a stellar songwriter. Ironically enough, it was the inward-looking, gorgeous slow burner album closer “Posing for Cars” that made us pick “Jubilee” as our album of the week. Go get it.

++ new tracks by the Mountain GoatsMolly BurchMr Ben & The BensPenelope TrappesBurning Pyre & Canadian RiflesDARKSIDEGaspard Augé (Justice)Rostam, Mind Maintenance, Sunny JainPart ChimpDoug TuttleCrumbMarisa Anderson music & William TylerNathan SalsburgRodney CrowellThe Felice BrothersHiss Golden MessengerLukas Nelson & Promise of the RealSierra Ferrell, and Doc Feldman & the Alt Cntry Delete.

Bolachas Now Playing, 22/2021 (#283):

The Mountain Goats – Dark in Here
Japanese Breakfast – Paprika
Japanese Breakfast – Posing For Cars
Molly Burch – Heart of Gold
Mr Ben & the Bens – How Do I Get to You?
Penelope Trappes – Blood Moon
Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles – Peachblow
DARKSIDE – Lawmaker
Gaspard Augé – Vox (feat. Justice)
Rostam – Unfold You
Mind Maintenance – glow & glimmer
Sunny Jain – Phoenix Rise (feat. Marc Cary and Lauren Sevian)
Part Chimp – Drool
Doug Tuttle – Lead Mask
Crumb – Gone
Marisa Anderson and William Tyler – Hurricane Light
Nathan Salsburg – Psalm 147
Rodney Crowell – Transient Global Amnesia Blues
The Felice Brothers – Jazz on the Autobahn
Hiss Golden Messenger – Glory Strums (Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner)
Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real – Throwin’ Away Your Love
Sierra Ferrell – The Sea
Doc Feldman – Blessed Be the Unlucky