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#292: Jade Bird, “Different Kinds of Light”

If it wasn’t for the accent, you would think Jade Bird was another southwestern American half-country, half-Stevie Nicks songwriter. You know, the kind we love around here. It’s easy to know where the confusion might come from: in her second album, the English musician is joined by producer Dave Cobb (who else?) to bring us one of the most interesting Americana records of the year so far.

Bolachas Now Playing, 31/2021 (#292):

Circuit des Yeux – Dogma
Ishmael Ensemble – Feather
Dean Blunt – the rot
Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million
Low – More
alexalone – Unpacking my Feelings
Kid Millions & Jan St. Werner – Color Bagpipes
Mac McCaughan – Circling Around
Jade Bird – I’m Getting Lost
Jade Bird – Headstart
Lala Lala – Color of the Pool
Courtney Barnett – Before You Gotta Go
TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – Bottom of the Bottle
Arlo McKinley – Sunk Like a Stone
Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson – Peloponnese Lament
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – Fictional California
Mariel Buckley – Hundred Cities
Allison Ponthier – Tornado Country
Le Ren – Dyan
Josienne Clarke – Out Loud