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#294: Steve Gunn, “Other You”

Steve Gunn’s sixth album, ‘Other You’ is a perfect end of summer album. It’s also our album of the week. Our 33th playlist of the year also features songs from new albums by Alex Rex, Aidan O’Rourke, Pile, Wednesday, Tré Burt, Summer Dean, and Matt Paxton.

Bolachas Now Playing, 33/2021 (#294):

Kacey Musgraves – star-crossed
Ada Lea – partner
Erin Rae – True Love’s Face
Lionlimb – Loveland Pass
Alex Rex – Silver Apples of the Moon
Natalie Jane Hill – Orb Weaver
Marissa Nadler – Bessie Did You Make It
Allysen Callery – How Did We Get Here (feat. Myles Baer)
Steve Gunn – Ever Feel That Way
Steve Gunn – The Painter
Adeline Hotel – The Cherries Are Speaking
Rachika Nayar – clarity
The Fiery Furnaces – The Fortune Teller’s Revenge
Aidan O’Rourke – The Herring Girls and the Barra Boys
Pile – Keep the Last Light On
Wednesday – The Burned Down Dairy Queen
Pinegrove – Orange
Gustaf – Best Behavior
Jeff Rosenstock – COLLAPSE! (feat. Laura Stevenson)
Admiral Fallow – Dragonfly
Summer Dean – Bad Romantic
Tré Burt – Funny Story (Song for Eva)
Matt Paxton – I Love the Sound of a Whistle