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#296: Daniel Romano, “Cobra Poems”

What a surprise. There’s a new Daniel Romano album and it’s featured here. “Cobra Poems” is another stellar collection of some of the best songwriting in today’s rock music, and it doesn’t seem like Romano’s Outfit will stop steamrolling any soon.

Bolachas Now Playing, 35/2021 (#296):

Dori Freeman – Get You off of My Mind
Kacey Musgraves – justified
Kate Bollinger – Shadows
Lorde – Te Ara Tika / The Path
Julia Shapiro – Death (XIII)
Nite Jewel – Anymore
Lilly Hiatt – Been
Big Thief – Certainty
Daniel Romano – Still Dreaming
Daniel Romano – Camera Varda
Floating Action – Steadfast Love
Matthew E. White – Nested
Hayden Pedigo – Carthage
Sensible Soccers – Cantiga Da Ponte
Fazer – Grenadier
SUUNS – The Trilogy
Water From Your Eyes – “Quotations”
Miguel Abras – Andar à Penda
Low – All Night
Noah Gundersen – Sleepless in Seattle
David Ferguson – Chardonnay (feat. Margo Price)
Charley Crockett – Round This World