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#303: Sam Evian, “Time to Melt”

Three years after the stellar “You, Forever”, Sam Evian is back with a new album. Eleven psychedelic pop gems to brighten up your post-Daylight Saving Time late afternoon blues, if that’s a thing where you live.

Bolachas Now Playing, 42/2021 (#303):

Spiritualized – Always Together With You
Ty Segall – Pictures
Mystic Braves – Never Went Away
Helado Negro – Gemini and Leo
Sam Evian – Lonely Days
Sam Evian – 9.99 Free
Susto – Good Right Now
Lunar Vacation – The Waiting Game
Native Harrow – Do It Again
The Broken Heartbreakers – We’re All Looking Up
Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Heading West
Lewsberg – Dependency
Johnathan Blake – Shakin’ The Biscuits
Tarta Relena – Stabat mater
Jrpjej – Зазу дахэ
Mary Lattimore – For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth
Jake Xerxes Fussell – Love Farewell
Adeline Hotel – Raspberry Stains
The Delines – Little Earl
Hurray For The Riff Raff – RHODODENDRON
Natalie Jane Hill – Listen to Me Tomorrow
Emily Scott Robinson – Hometown Hero
Kristine Leschper – Ribbon
Julie Doiron – Darkness to Light