end-year lists

lol, listas: 2021


  1. Irreversible Entanglements (TivoliVredenburg Ronda, Utrecht)
  2. Jaimie Branch (TivoliVredenburg Pandora, Utrecht)
  3. Garrett T. Capps & Los Rippers (Huize Maas, Groningen)
  4. Squid (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
  5. SUUNS (Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam)
  6. Vanishing Twin (TivoliVredenburg Pandora, Utrecht)
  7. Jrpjej & Zaur Nagoy (Jacobikerk, Utrecht)
  8. The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb (Stadsschouwburg, Groningen)
  9. Courtney Marie Andrews (Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam)
  10. Gustaf (LE:EN, Utrecht)

How The Weather Station Learned to Cope With Climate Change | GQ


  1. The Weather Station, “Ignorance”
  2. LUMP, “Animal”
  3. The Hold Steady, “Open Door Policy”
  4. C. Tangana, “El Madrileño”
  5. Black Country, New Road, “For the first time”
  6. Vanishing Twin, “Ookii Gekkou”
  7. Nathan Salsburg, “Psalms”
  8. Dry Cleaning, “New Long Leg”
  9. Chico da Tina, “E Agora Como É Que É”
  10. black midi, “Cavalcade”

  1. Mdou Moctar, “Afrique Victime”
  2. Marissa Anderson & William Tyler, “Lost Futures”
  3. Richard Dawson & Circle, “Henki”
  4. Sven Wunder, “Natura Morta”
  5. Julie Doiron, “I Thought of You”
  6. Lewsberg, “In Your Hands”
  7. Pedro Mafama, “Por Este Rio Abaixo”
  8. Ben LaMar Gay, “Open Arms to Open Us”
  9. Squid, “Bright Green Field”
  10. Ada Lea, “one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden”
  11. Le Ren, “Leftovers”
  12. Dinosaur Jr., “Sweep It Into Space”
  13. Esther Rose, “How Many Times”
  14. SUUNS, “The Witness”
  15. Iceage, “Seek Shelter”
  16. Jrpjej, “Taboo – Songs of Love & Death”
  17. Mega Bog, “Life, And Another”
  18. Faye Webster, “I Know I’m Funny haha”
  19. Irreversible Entanglements, “Open the Gates”
  20. Lael Neale, “Acquainted with Night”

  1. Circuit des Yeux, “-io”
  2. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, “Carnage”
  3. Myriam Gendron, “Ma délire”
  4. Cory Hanson, “Pale Horse Rider”
  5. The Mountain Goats, “Dark in Here”
  6. Gerycz / Powers / Rolin, “Lamplighter”
  7. Sons of Kemet, “Black to the Future”
  8. Tamar Aphek, “All Bets are Off”
  9. Summer Dean, “Bad Romantic”
  10. Cassandra Jenkins, “An Overview on Phenomenal Nature”
  11. Robert Finley, “Sharecropper’s Son”
  12. Buck Meek, “Two Saviors”
  13. Azita, “Glen Echo”
  14. Rose City Band, “Earth Trip”
  15. Low, “HEY WHAT”
  16. Fruit Bats, “The Pet Parade”
  17. Adeline Hotel, “The Cherries Are Speaking”
  18. Gustaf, “Audio Drag for Ego Slobs”
  19. Evan Cheadle, “Fault Line Serenade”
  20. James Yorkston, “The Wide, Wide River”