Bolachas Now Playing

#313: Yard Act, “The Overload”

Bolachas Now Playing, a new music Spotify playlist, updated every Wednesday. And, sometimes, posted on Thursdays. Yard Act‘s debut LP “The Overload” is our album of the week! 🍪

Bolachas Now Playing, 03/2022 (#313):

Boris – Icelina
Medicine Singers – Sanctuary
Wovenhand – Dead Dead Beat
caroline – Good morning (red)
Pan-American – Outskirts, Dreamlit
Melt Yourself Down – Balance
Yard Act – The Overload
Yard Act – Land Of The Blind
Bonga – Ti Zuela
Jenny Hval – Year of Love
Hatchie – Quicksand
Lola Kirke – Better Than Any Drug
Pearl Charles – Givin’ It Up
Kristine Leschper – Picture Window
Nilüfer Yanya – midnight sun
Kids On A Crime Spree – Boomdoom
Midlake – Bethel Woods
The Wave Pictures – Flight From Destruction
Pedro The Lion – Don’t Wanna Move
The Teskey Brothers – Get Back To The Land (feat. Emma Donovan)
The Long Ryders – Tom Tom
Jake Xerxes Fussell – In Florida