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#323: GGGOLDDD, “This Shame Should Not Be Mine”

Bolachas Now Playing, 13/2022 (#323): 

GGGOLDDD – I Wish I Was a Wild Thing with a Simple Heart
GGGOLDDD – This Shame Should Not Be Mine
Duster – Escalator
Jarvis Cocker – This Is Going To Hurt
Tindersticks – Willow
Christian Lee Hutson – Triple Axel
Emma Ruth Rundle – Gilded Cage
Alabaster DePlume – A Gente Acaba (Vento Em Rosa)
Kate Bollinger – Lady in the Darkest Hour
TOPS – Perfected Steps
Margaret Glaspy – Heart Shape
Helvetia – Leach
Jamie Drake – Easy Target
Nicki Bluhm – Love To Spare (feat. A.J. Croce)
Westwood Avenue – Bachelorette Screams (feat. Erin Rae)
Scout LaRue Willis – Shouldn’t I Be
Lady Lamb – Ivy
Anthony da Costa – Do You Wanna Go (feat. Katie Pruitt)
Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Flatland Girl (feat. Margo Price)
Joshua Hedley – River In The Rain
Ian Noe – River Fool
Simon Joyner – Tekamah