Bolachas Now Playing

#325: Kurt Vile, “(watch my moves)”

Bolachas Now Playing, 15/2022 (#325):

Jacob Faurholt – The Stars Are Cold Like Ice
Guided By Voices – Crystal Nuns Cathedral
Personal Trainer – Milk
Drive-By Truckers – Welcome 2 Club XIII
Savak – Dealers
Kurt Vile – Jesus on a Wire
Kurt Vile – Say the Word
River Whyless – Oil Skin
Zachary Cale – Sandcastles
Wild Pink – Q. Degraw
Daniel Rossen – Unpeopled Space
The Besnard Lakes – She’s An Icicle
Andrew Tuttle – Overnight’s A Weekend (feat. Steve Gunn, Michael A. Muller)
Flock of Dimes – Go With Good
Carla Geneve – Dog Eared
Sunflower Bean – I Don’t Have Control Sometimes
Lalalar – Yamyam
Mapache – Love Can’t Hold Me
Kae Tempest – Grace