Bolachas Now Playing

#340: The Mountain Goats, “Bleed Out”

Bolachas Now Playing, 30/2022 (#340):

Anna Tivel – Outsiders
Jason Ogden – No Way To Reach
Dougie Poole – High School Gym
Workman Song – Body On Body
The World of Dust – Ocean (feat. Karl Blau)
Andrew Combs – Truth and Love
Shabason & Krgovich – I Am So Happy With My Little Dog
Cool Sounds – 6 Or 7 More
Kiwi jr. – Parasite II
Disq – If Only
The Mountain Goats – Bones Don’t Rust
The Mountain Goats – First Blood
The Beths – Knees Deep
Cass McCombs – Krakatau
Eddie Chacon – Holy Hell
The Comet Is Coming – LUCID DREAMER
Califone – chaotic.evil.astral.elves
Tony Molina – The Last Time
Mo Troper – The Only Living Goy in New York
Twain – 2 Lovers
Mr. Sam & the People People – Pictures Of Us
Lee Bains + The Glory Fires – Rednecks
Ainsley Farrell – Buffet
Etta Marcus – Crown
Caitlin Rose – Black Obsidian
Jesca Hoop – Sudden Light
Jenny Berkel – Light It Slant