Bolachas Now Playing

#341: Julia Jacklin, “Pre Pleasure”

Bolachas Now Playing, 31/2022 (#341):

Margo Price – Been To The Mountain
Julia Jacklin – End Of A Friendship
Julia Jacklin – Too In Love To Die
Little Mazarn – Woodmen of the World
Adeline Hotel – How Long Will I Stay Awake?
Skullcrusher – Quiet the Room
Iron & Wine – That’s How You Know (feat. Sima Cunningham & Mac Stewart)
Runnner – Vines to Make it All Worth It
Gabacho – Sal de Mar
Rachika Nayar – Death & Limerence
Tropical Fuck Storm – Moonburn
City of Caterpillar – Mystic Sisters
Chris Forsyth – Experimental & Professional
Osees – Too Late for Suicide
Oneida – Low Tide
Titus Andronicus – Give Me Grief
Mess Esque – Armour your amor
Jacob Faurholt – Droneflowers
No Age – Compact Flashes
Moreish Idols – W.A.M.
LIFE – Incomplete