Bolachas Now Playing

#342: Stella Donnelly, “Flood”

Bolachas Now Playing, 32/2022 (#342):

Bitchin Bajas – Amorpha
Ancient Shapes – Bird With an Iron Head
Crack Cloud – Costly Engineered Illusion
Enablers – Phone Blows Up
Codeine – Wird
Unloved – Number in my phone
Send Medicine – Blush
Motel Radio – Happiness Pie
Stella Donnelly – Restricted Account
Stella Donnelly – This Week
Deer Tick – Cake and Eggs
Rayland Baxter – If I Were A Butterfly
Nathan Xander – Tide Rolls Back
Paisley Fields – Dial Up Lover
Jessie Baylin – Cloud Nine
Daniel Lanois – Eau
Logan Farmer – Horsehair (feat. Mary Lattimore)
Lambchop – So There
A.O. Gerber – For
Native Harrow – As It Goes
Plains – Abilene
Nev Cottee – The Ring
The World of Dust – Weight of the World (feat. I Am Oak)