Bolachas Now Playing

#208: Vetiver, “Up On High”

After two more layered, denser, and less critically popular records where we saw Andy Cabic holler at soft rock and psychedelia, “Up on High” is the sound of Vetiver returning to their acoustic beginnings. Welcome to your new favourite Saturday morning breakfast prep folk rock record. Plus: new tracks by Terry Allen, Simon Joyner, Tindersticks, Lambchop, Itasca, Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron, Michael Kiwanuka, Dylan LeBlanc, Theo Lawrence, Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker, Squirrel Flower, The Deer, Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox, The Growlers, Pinegrove, Iguana Death Cult, Imperial Wax, Pop. 1280, DJ Nigga Fox, Peel Dream Magazine, and Warmduscher.

Bolachas Now Playing, 38/2019 (#208): 

Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band – Death of the Last Stripper
Vetiver – The Living End
Vetiver – All We Could Want
Simon Joyner – Sean Foley’s Blues
Tindersticks – Pinky in the Daylight
Lambchop – So Modern and So Tight
Itasca – Voice of the Beloved
Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron – Belief Pt. 2
Michael Kiwanuka – Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)
Dylan LeBlanc – Unanswered Questions
Theo Lawrence – Prairie Fire
Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker – Menebhi
Squirrel Flower – Red Shoulder
The Deer – Nothing Hurt
Cate le Bon & Bradford Cox – Canto!
The Growlers – Tune Out
Pinegrove – Phase
Iguana Death Cult – Tuesday’s Lament
Imperial Wax – Bromidic Thrills
Pop. 1280 – Under Duress
DJ Nigga Fox – Faz A Minha
Peel Dream Magazine – Up and Up
Warmduscher – Tiny Letters