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#388: Ratboys, “The Window”

Bolachas Now Playing, 32/2023 (#388):

Ratboys – No Way
Ratboys – Making Noise for the Ones You Love
Mermaidens – I like to be alone
Truth Club – Exit Cycle
Prewn – Sheila
A Giant Dog – Watch It Burn
Roselit Bone – Truth or Consequences
Pert Near Sandstone – All Waves Break
Rhiannon Giddens – Yet to Be (feat. Jason Isbell)
Dylan LeBlanc – No Promises Broken
Mapache – Sammy Boy
Hiss Golden Messenger – Sunset on the Faders
Steph Green – Teardrop Skies
Ora Cogan – Cowgirl
Aestrid – Death Wisher (feat. Immen)
Grails – Black Rain
Vanishing Twin – Marbles
Lewsberg – An Ear To The Chest
Daneshevskaya – Big Bird
Laura Groves – Good Intention
Meagre Martin – Please Clap
Etta Marcus – Theatre
Buck Meek – Didn’t Know You Then
Tony Molina – She Divines Water

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