Bolachas Now Playing

#389: Jeff Rosenstock, “HELLMODE”

Bolachas Now Playing, 33/2023 (#389):

Jeff Rosenstock – WILL U STILL U
Jeff Rosenstock – FUTURE IS DUMB
Speedy Ortiz – Kim Cattrall
The Armed – Public Grieving
Ty Segall – Void
Jaimie Branch – world war ((reprise))
Drab Majesty – Cape Perpetua
SPELLLING – Under the Sun
Lael Neale – I’ll Be Your Star
Becca Mancari – You Don’t Scare Me
Eleni Drake – Marina
Strawberry Runners – Breakup 2
Fran Lobo – Burning It Feels Like
McKowski – Ask the dust
Slowdive – alife
Radian – Skyskryp12
Oneohtrix Point Never – A Barely Lit Path
Daði Freyr – I’m Fine
Islands – Headlines
LA LOM – Angels Point
Willie J Healey – Woke Up Smiling
Spencer Burton – Going Fishin’
Blitzen Trapper – Cheap Fantastical Takedown

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