Bolachas Now Playing

#392: Woods, “Perennial”

Bolachas Now Playing, 36/2023 (#392):

Brent Cobb – Shade Tree
Will Johnson – Tempest Time Again
Faye Webster – Lifetime
Steph Green – Take a Walk
Lydia Loveless – Do the Right Thing
Jenny Owen Youngs – Everglades
Woods – Little Black Flowers
Woods – Weep
John Francis Flynn – Mole in the Ground
The Dinosaur’s Skin – If I Say I Love You (feat. Summer Salt)
Crumb – Le Temple Volant (feat. Melody’s Echo Chamber)
bar italia – my little tony
Subsonic Eye – Bug In Spring
Artificiales – Abril
FIDLAR – Nudge
Sprain – We Think So Ill of You
Gurriers – Nausea
Folly Group – Big Ground
O. – Slice
Search Results – Reggie 2
Conferência Inferno – Fantasias
Mikal Cronin – Fall Angels
Comité Hypnotisé – Battle of the Sauces
Cyril Cyril & Meridian Brothers – Diablos de Chuao
Expresso Transatlântico – Ressaca Bailada
Adeline Hotel – Little Chili
The National – Coat on a Hook

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