Bolachas Now Playing

#403: Desirae Garcia, “Lengthy Sunny Spells”

Bolachas Now Playing, 47/2023 (#403):

The Delines – Christmas in Atlantis
Hataalii – Tsaile Southbound
Iguana Death Cult – Heaven in Disorder
Modern Cosmology – A Time To Blossom
Jessie Ware – Pearls
Jonnine – I Put a Little Thing in Your Pocket
Nico Paulo – Time
Desirae Garcia – Baby’s Way
Desirae Garcia – I May Always Love You
Jana Horn – Days Go By
Graham Hunt – Try Not To Laugh
Jacob Faurholt – Words Whispered From the Sand
La Baracande – Ce sont trois jeunes garçons
Brighde Chaimbeul – Banish The Giant of Doubt & Despair
maya ongaku – Nuska
JJ Whitefield – Sost
Holy Tongue – I am Here in A Place Beyond Desire or Fear
Gyeongsu – THIRD UNIT
Careen – Model Kit
feeble little horse – Tin Man
Fever Ray – Even It Out
Home Front – Faded State
MSPAINT – Free From the Sun
RVG – Midnight Sun
Truth Cult – Ain’t Rubbin’ No Shoulders
Khanate – To Be Cruel
Girma Yifrashewa – To the Master

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