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#405: Vera Sola, “Shades”

Bolachas Now Playing, 02/2024 (#405):

Adrianne Lenker – Sadness As A Gift
Vera Sola – Black Rhino Enterprises
Vera Sola – By Mothlight
Immaterial Possession – Sugar in a Memory
Bill Ryder-Jones – Thankfully For Anthony
Julia Holter – Spinning
Jane Weaver – Perfect Storm
Nadine Shah – Greatest Dancer
cabane – Melodies of Love (feat. Kate Stables)
Mary Halvorson – Incarnadine
Khruangbin – A Love International
Yin Yin – The Perseverance of Sano
plantoid – Modulator
Omar Rodríguez-López – Once A Broken Human
Boeckner – Lose
Chemtrails – Business Class War Paint
Holiday Ghosts – Sublime Disconnect
Sleater-Kinney – Say It Like You Mean It
Les Big Byrd – Diamonds, Rhinestones and Hard Rain
Brown Horse – Bloodstain
Katie Pruitt – White Lies, White Jesus And You
Sam Outlaw – Ways to Go
Summer Salt – Coming Home Isn’t Easy (feat. Phum Viphurit)
Sierra Ferrell – Dollar Bill Bar
Shawn Hess – Roadhouse Blues (the other one)

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