Bolachas Now Playing

#203: Moon Duo, “Stars are the Light”

Wow, every now and then we also feature non-“songwriter” music as our album of the week! It’s only been half a week of listening to it on repeat, but Moon Duo’s seventh LP is probably their most interesting offering so far. “Stars Are the Light” finds the American psych duo at their grooviest and we simply can’t get enough.

And there’s more: brand new tracks by The Deer, The New Pornographers, Chastity Belt, Vivian Girls, Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox, The Comet is Coming, Mão Morta, Weeping Icon, Xylouris White, Telefon Tel Aviv, Sturgill Simpson, Loving, Red River Dialect, Darrin Bradbury and Margo Price, Colter Wall, Molly Sarlé, Dori Freeman, Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron, Donivan Berube, Will Johnson, The Milk Carton Kids, the Mountain Goats, and Jim James with The Louisville Orchestra.

Bolachas Now Playing, 33/2019 (#203):

The Deer – Confetti to the Hurricane
The New Pornographers – Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile
Chastity Belt – Pissed Pants
Vivian Girls – Sludge
Cate le Bon, Bradford Cox – Secretary
Moon Duo – Flying
Moon Duo – Stars Are the Light
The Comet Is Coming – Journey Through the Asteroid Belt
Mão Morta – Um Ser Que Não Se Ilumina
Weeping Icon – Ankles
Xylouris White – Black Sea
Telefon Tel Aviv – arms aloft,
Sturgill Simpson – Last Man Standing
Loving – Only She Knows
Red River Dialect – Salvation
Darrin Bradbury, Margo Price – The Trouble with Time
Colter Wall – Happy Reunion
Molly Sarlé – Faith For Doubt
Dori Freeman – Go On
Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron – Love Without Possession
Donivan Berube – Stevie
Will Johnson – To the Shepherd, To the Lion
The Milk Carton Kids – I’ll Be Gone
The Mountain Goats – Get High and Listen to The Cure
Jim James, Teddy Abrams, Louisville Orchestra – Back To The End Of The World