Bolachas Now Playing

#46: Ty Segall, “Ty Rex”

Our our last Bolachas Now Playing of the year – we’ll move on and choose our best songs and records of 2015 on the forthcoming weeks, keep in touch! – we focus on the new Ty Segall record which came out last week. The upcoming Mount Moriah record is also on the spotlight, and we also have new songs by Sam Outlaw, M. Ward, Ethan Johns, Sarah Neufeld, Pop. 1280, Animal Collective, !!!, Antony’s ANOHNI, Nicolas Godin, Dawn Richard, and Fatima Yamaha. 

Bolachas Now Playing, 46/2015:

Mount Moriah – Calvander
Mount Moriah – Cardinal Cross
Sam Outlaw – Ghost Town
M. Ward – Girl From Conejo Valley
Ethan Johns with the Black Eyed Dogs – Juanita
Sarah Neufeld – The Ridge
Ty Segall – 20th Century Boy
Ty Segall – Salamanda Palaganda
Pop. 1280 – Pyramids on Mars
Animal Collective – FloriDada
!!! – Til The Money Runs Out
Nicolas Godin – Bach Off
ANOHNI – 4 Degrees
Dawn Richard – Dance
Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders