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#38: Donnie Fritts, “Oh My Goodness”

Our playlist #38 has a lot of songs in it. The new Donnie Fritts record, Oh My Goodness just came out, and there’s two songs off it on our playlist. But it was pretty difficult for us to find a consensus on which album to put on the spotlight: there’s also two songs off new records by U.S. Girls, Mercury Rev, and Robert Forster to listen to, along with new or recent songs by Tindersticks, Kurt Vile, They’re Heading West (a beautiful Samuel Úria cover, featuring the man himself), Daniel Knox, Geir Sundstøl, and Glen Hansard. Listen to the playlist below and don’t forget to follow the main playlist here and check all the songs we’ve been championing since the first week of the year here.

Bolachas Now Playing, 38/2015:

Mercury Rev – Autumn’s In the Air
Mercury Rev – Rainy Day Record
U.S. Girls – Window Shades
U.S. Girls – Woman’s Work
Kurt Vile – Wild Imagination
Glen Hansard – Lowly Deserter
Robert Forster – Let Me Imagine You
Robert Forster – Learn to Burn
Daniel Knox – Incident At White Hen
Donnie Fritts – Foolish Heart
Donnie Fritts – Lay It Down
Tindersticks – We Are Dreamers!
Geir Sundstøl – Englehviin
They’re Heading West (w/Samuel Úria) – Barbarella e Barba Rala

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