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#200: Sandro Perri, “Soft Landing”

This is our 200th playlist since we started back in January 16, 2015. 3603 tracks, 244 hours of music, way more than those 244 hours spent reading, keeping track and listening to the hundreds of artists featured in our playlist so far. Sounds like we’re going to ask you for money, right? Of course not. We’re only going to ask you to tell a friend or two about our playlists. We do this mostly to keep ourselves updated on what’s new and avoid falling into the “music these days just isn’t as good as it was back in the day” trap (which roughly translates to “I got older and gave up my interests”). But the best part about it is knowing someone out there actually listens and values what we do. We know algorithms are pretty cool, but nothing beats a playlist that was handpicked by a group of dedicated people.

This week we focus on Sandro Perri’s latest record, “Soft Landing”, his second LP in two years after a long hiatus. 2018’s “In Another Life” was one of our albums of the year, and “Soft Landing” replicates its winning formula of one long song/a few shorter ones while sounding quite distinct, with electronics playing second fiddle to his good old guitar. The result is similar: another ambient-ish pop masterpiece from the Canadian guitarist and songwriter. Plus: new tracks by I am Oak, Lower Dens, Queen of Jeans, Frankie Cosmos, Young Guv, The Comet is Coming, Los Pirañas, Jeffrey Lewis, Jesse Malin, Garrett T. Capps, Peter Bruntnell, Monks Road Social, The Deer, The Highwomen, Lola Kirke, Lady Wray, Adam Green, Birds of Play, The Milk Carton Kids, Mandolin Orange, and Anna Larson.

Bolachas Now Playing, 30/2019 (#200): 

I Am Oak – Wondrous Way
Sandro Perri – Back On Love
Sandro Perri – Wrong About The Rain
Lower Dens – Two Faced Love
Queen of Jeans – Get Lost
Frankie Cosmos – Even Though I Knew
Young Guv – Try Not To Hang On So Hard
The Comet Is Coming – Lifeforce Part II
Los Pirañas – Puerta del Sol
Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – LPs
Jesse Malin – Meet Me at the End of the World Again
Garrett T. Capps – Lonely Heart (feat. Carson McHone)
Peter Bruntnell – King of Madrid
Monks Road Social – Nobody Knows Anything (feat. Nev Cottee)
The Deer – Move to Girls
The Highwomen – Crowded Table
Lola Kirke – Mama (feat. Kelly Zutrau)
Lady Wray – Come On In
Adam Green – Wines and Champagnes
Birds of Play – Late Night Drive
The Milk Carton Kids – I Meant Every Word I Said
Mandolin Orange – Belly of the Beast
Anna Larson – Acting Alone

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