10 reasons not to miss NOS Primavera Sound 2015 (pt1)

And by reasons we mean concerts. Only shitty festivals need attractions besides music itself. Here are 10 of the concerts not to miss in this year’s edition of NOS Primavera Sound that most people probably aren’t going to see, but they should. Antony & the Johnsons is, of course, absent from this list, because you already know you have to see him. Or flee from the festival grounds if you don’t like him at all.

Bruno Pernadas

(Thu, 4; 5pm, Super Bock stage)

People probably won’t be seeing the Portuguese composer and guitar player Bruno Pernadas and his 9-piece ensemble (composed of some of the crème de la crème of the Lisbon indie rock scene, including members of his other projects Julie and the Carjackers and Real Combo Lisbonense) because “5pm? That’s too early!”. Too bad for them. He and his orchestra* doesn’t play live that often, and even if you’re Portuguese, you shouldn’t miss this.

*Technically they aren’t an orchestra, but there are much more people on stage than in an Unknown Mortal Orchestra gig, which doesn’t stop them from having that name.

Mikal Cronin (Thu, 4; 6:50pm, Super Bock stage)

His latest album MCIII was kind of disappointing, but 2013′s MCII was one of the funniest albums of the past five years. A part of the Ty Segall live band, his straight-to-the-point, sun-drenched pop punk will certainly set the mood right for the rest of the first day of concerts.

Giant Sand

(Fri, 5; 5:55pm, Super Bock stage)

Howe Gelb and his crew are consistently making good music since 1985 and their new album, Heartbreak Pass, is probably one of the best of their 30-year long career. Portuguese festivals need more Americana. Giant Sand delivers.

The Replacements

(Fri, 5; 9:20pm, NOS stage)

You might argue that it’s not the original lineup – only Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson remain – but will you have another opportunity to witness songs like “Left of the Dial”, “Unsatisfied” or “Alex Chilton” being performed by someone who’s not in a covers band?


(Fri, 5; 10:45pm, ATP stage)

Are you one of those people having the worst time of your life trying to choose between Spiritualized and Belle and Sebastian? I like B&S as much as any regular dude with a heart and two ears, but if there is a band capable of providing people with the most memorable moments of their music-listening life, it’s Spiritualized. Expect goosebumps.

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