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#194: Jesca Hoop, “STONECHILD”


Last time we checked on Jesca Hoop she was busy touring a collaboration album with Iron & Wine and recording a (mostly acoustic) new album with Blake Mills. In 2019, she’s taking a different approach by teaming up with John Parish and recording what’s probably the most interesting record of her career, his subtle electronic touches complementing her fingerpicked guitar without ever even approaching “folktronica” territory (good to know they both know it’s not 2005 anymore).

This week’s playlist also features new tracks by Belle and Sebastian, Vanishing Twin, Moon Duo, Rayland Baxter, The Raconteurs, Okey Dokey, TFS Band, Titus Andronicus, Necking, Giant Sand, 75 Dollar Bill, Claire Cronin, black midi, Kacy & Clayton, Aviva le Fey, Alasdair Roberts, Erin Durant, Leif Vollebekk, Jonah Tolchin, and RF Shannon.

Bolachas Now Playing, 24/2019 (#194):

Belle & Sebastian – Sister Buddha
Vanishing Twin – Magician’s Success
Moon Duo – Stars Are the Light
Rayland Baxter – 2009
The Raconteurs – Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)
Okey Dokey – Edge of America (feat. Harpooner)
Tropical Fuck Storm – Paradise
Titus Andronicus – On the Street
Necking – No Playtime
Giant Sand – A Hard Man To Get To Know
75 Dollar Bill – Tetuzi Akiyama
Claire Cronin – Call Out
black midi – Western
Kacy & Clayton – The Forty-Ninth Parallel
Jesca Hoop – Free of the Feeling (feat. Lucius)
Jesca Hoop – Old Fear of Father
Aviva Le Fey – Standing Rock
Alasdair Roberts – The Evernew Tongue
Erin Durant – Winterlude
Leif Vollebekk – Hot Tears
Jonah Tolchin – Roll Um Easy
RF Shannon – Angeline

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