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Jonathan Wilson, “Everything Must Change” (Quincy Jones)

Back in 2007/08, when Jonathan Wilson didn’t have a record label to put out his records nor even a fancy 2.0/3.0/?.? website – and supposedly didn’t think about making a living off touring and selling records – he used to put some b-sides for free download in his ol’ plain HTML page. Only one of those songs was available at a time, and most are probably gone forever, except for a version of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita, now that his old site is gone.

If you’re an old fan from these days, start digging hard on your old external HDD and you might find something like this. Yesterday I ran into this marvellous cover of Quincy Jones’ “Everything Must Change” buried beneath folders and folders of music I never bothered to listen to because everything was so easily accessible for free. Google Play says I’ve listened to this particular song 25 times in the last few hours, so I knew I had to share it with the world again.

Jonathan, if you ever read this, please bring back your “international free, fancy, and far out b-sides program”. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff I’ve missed on. Meanwhile, let’s just wait for JW’s new album, Fanfare, to be released on October 14th on Bella Union. Graham Nash, Josh Tillman, Pat Sansone and Taylor Goldsmith took part in the recordings. How can anything go wrong?


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