Milhões de Festa 2013: day 3 preview (Sunday 28th)

Before I talk about the bands to see at the last day of Milhões de Festa, let me first introduce you to a cuppa surprises. The first I could have mentioned back then at the premier article of novelties for this edition, but the truth is that the performances will occur during these three bigger days of festival, while they occurred in the first last year. Yes, Redbull City Gang is back, now making the connection between the afternoon concerts and main site ones. I will very quickly give you the names, the locations and the time without any further analysis. I guess you’ll catch them just as surprisingly as me. So, if walking near those locations you’re listening to:

Friday 26th

18:00 – Okkur (at Circulo Católico de Operários de Barcelos)

19:00 – Repressão Caótica  (at Campo de S. José)

Saturday 27th

18:00 – Loops (at Xispes Bar)

19:00 – Vila Nazca (at Loja de Ferragens)

Sunday 28th

18:00 – Solar Corona (at Rua da Palha)

19:00 – The  Classified (at Largo do Apoio)

This information is also available in our enlightening schedule of the festival, alongside with a map of Barcelos indicating all those places, a and P3 partnership.

Now the second surprise, while it may be a bummer for those who will be camping, is still great: the pretty people of Coronado collective will launch a warm-up party at Xispes Bar, Wednesday the 24th, a day before the first day of Milhões de Festa! Although now we can’t decide what to call it, if “day zero” or “day minus one”, it is no matter what great news for who is really looking forward to have a great time without the burden of concerts to watch. But as it would be expected, there’re still concerts to watch in this one, as for example our fellas SAUR. Don’t you worry about who’s playing, worry instead how to spend the previous night to the first night of Milhões de Festa.

After this, only to miss talking about the artists performing Sunday. Let’s conclude it then!



Hopefully this will happen again.

Pool Stage

Sequin is probably what was missing during these days at the pool: a feminine voice over a cute electronic pop. So necessary after Saturday’s hangout, a trigger happy mood concert this one. By this point, the following artists to perform at the pool have already played in Milhões. At least Torto’s frontman Jorge Coelho has, and if you’re familiar with his guitar skills you know this one is worth a watch. A scattered avant rock to give a more serious feel to a plenty of party local, this actually works (as past events proved), so stay focused. Another return to the festival and Poll Stage too is Long Way to Alaska. I happened to attend that concrete concert and it was alright, it felt a bit minimal on the instrumentation. Let’s see what awaits us this time, with also some new songs on the bunch, because these guys picked a great Grizzly Bear vibe, less saddening however. Finally, get ready for the return of the Hosts DJ of this Milhões’ edition!If you can’t remember who they were, DJ Lynce, DJ Pedro Beça, DJ Quesadilla and DJ TOFU are the names. Let’s hope they achieve the same or better party as Thursday night (yes, I know it will be a great party a priori), and while in it enjoy your last moments of swimming and diving with the appropriate soundtrack.


Taina Stage

I’m somewhat disappointed that this year the Pool Stage lacks some punk bands (there’s one or another who approaches the genre, but still the number’s short this year). Malcriada could be a great get for the pool, but so it is for Taina. If the pool is too soft to cure your hangover, then fear not for Malcriada to start you a new one. And speaking of bands that are pretty much faithful to a genre per se, WASTE is in for the thrash metal. Really, as straightforward as it gets. What a manly start for Taina today. Until BiarooZ is to perform. Suddenly, here’s an electronica band giving you sampling, digital processing and full textured synths. Not what to expect at Taina. Of course, I don’t think it will be reserved a bad reception for them, it’s not unusual these genre mixings in Milhões – the main stages being an unequivocal example -, but it seems curious still for the most rock ‘n’roll stage. Whatever, they took the big hit and now Evols can comfortably play without the pressure of sounding harder to please the staying crowd. I mean, it’s still rock, but in much more sober terrain. While it might be a “no, thank you, I pass” to some, the common person who listens to a corporate rock should really dig it. But meh, Taina deserved a much more representative band to close its food stalls. But wait if you’re hungry for more.


Main Stages

Milhões can really choose the best bands to perform at the sunset. For this last day it’s The Partisan Seed. A one man show made of electric and acoustic guitars and, surprise surprise, a loop station. However, don’t take it for granted as a sameness act, it sometimes gets astonishingly loud, others carefully introspective. And for a fact, Filipe Mirada, the man behind the alter ego, can sing. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Another alter ego in the house! Alex Zhang Hungtai as Dirty Beaches. This Taiwanese evil Elvis Presley is no unknown to Milhões, having performed a tremendous gig two years ago in possibly the worst stage ever known to the festival, something like an unshaded river beach with some sandstorm emerging. Now given a reliable stage, let’s hope he can top that rage and dismal rock ‘n’roll few witnessed back then.

Okay, it’s becoming a little depressing informing of yet another returning band to Milhões de Festa. But hey, it’s the last of the bunch. Riding Pânico to repeat its thrilling performance and unstoppable rock, and this time supporting their new album “Homem Elefante” – Dirty Beaches also has a new record; I really shouldn’t forget to mention this info. That’s it, go crazy with those dance moves.

Time for a Siesta? Not that kind of afternoon nap, you could have plenty of that at the proper time, because like their motto says, “siesta es la fiesta!” (“Nap is the party!”, roughly and unnecessarily translated). And it really is, if the party occurs in the intergalactic space and the duo was shooting each other for ruling the whole galaxy. Don’t worry, it’s not as geek as it looks, there’s a little tongue in cheek to prog rock. In short, one of the greats of the night.

Orange Goblin? Is it some kind of horrorcore hip hop Tyler, the Creatoresque? Nope, another sludge stoner metal band coming to Milhões. But c’mon, you know these shows are always a riot, right? For Orange Goblin, expect more leading guitar and leading singing. The singer is a natural, his voice timbre is just right and by no means forced (like, you know, much others metal acts). I’m seeing some non-metal fans enjoying this, give it a try indeed.

Not in your head but onstage, Zombie Zombie to follow. After you had a laugh with this light Cranberries joke, I must warn you it’s not that kind of DJ set. What kind? You know! Half crowd on drugs and the other half figuring how to dance accordingly, no. This is much more dance moves wise. Great, by this time of the night all you don’t have to let is linger. Good god, moving on.

Hey, Jibóia next?You lied, he played last year!Well, make it a half-lie,because this time is Jibóia Experience. For those who missed Óscar Silva’s performance last year (guilty as charged), now it’s your opportunity to watch an enhancing act! I wonder who he will be bringing onstage (wink, wink, Equations wink, wink). Just make it rock ‘n’roll, there’s not much Milhões left.

Missing some hip hop in this Milhões, right? No more! Finally with Mykki Blanco. I’m just guessing this crave will favor Mykki, as if you know, the cross-dressing wouldn’t at this point of the night! Yeah, it’s weird. Milhões-weird. Besides that weirdness, don’t focus a lot on that, there’s actually good hip hop to listen. Word, ma niggas.

Just like theelectronics brand, El G is digitally yours. At least this show will turn out a lot more fun than I do. Reggaeton? Check. Cumbia? Check. Techno-stuff? Check. And there are more ingredients to this crazy Buenos Aires recipe, what a closer for the festival they managed this year. Jesus.

And here it is! All you can count this Milhões de Festa, 2013 edition. Unless there’s some cancellation ahead, bah. Whatever, enjoy your Milhões! See you there.


You too, Lil’ Rosie.

Photos by SMF


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