Milhões de Festa 2013: day 2 preview (Saturday 27th)


Here’s what to see at day two of Milhões de Festa, usually the most crowded of the festival, being Saturday and all. I’m just mentioning this just so you won’t be still confused about our numbers designation. Without further do, here it is, right after you click “Read More”.

Pool Stage

Surya Exp Duo. Now, if you’d have to guess their genre just reading their name, you’d say they’re an experimental rock duo, right? And it isn’t far, just add some cosmic ambient and a few tribal drones and it’s pretty much it. Let’s hope you can find your nirvana as soon as it’s afternoon.And what afternoon will be straight ahead. Cuzo’s next and you can also expect some galactic sound, but wrapped in phased guitars and jiggling drums. The jam is strong in this one, the simplicity and power a trio does. But wait, isn’t a little bit of heaviness missing in the pool? No more! Besta to come. Much to say? Nope, not-even-two-minutes song and a brutal load of violence unleashed. As for the vocals, well, if they’d tell me that’s the devil singing, I would believe it. Best to do the exorcism in waters. Speaking of the devil (and people who canoodles kittens), I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this show of Slimcutz, Supa & J-K, who will represent Monster Jinx in a DJ set. Practically the basis of Portuguese hip(ster) hop, and not that there’s anything wrong with that, I can only be looking forward to jive along those sharped beats and fresh loops while those three boys and girl parley some words. Not a bad day to be at the pool, heh?


Taina Stage

Neither at Taina Stage, right with 10000 Russos. I’ll explain the name of a band from Taina again, it’s becoming sort of a habit – 10000 Russos, while it translates to 10000 Russians (not even a funny name), in Portuguese it works as a pun for Demis Roussos (which is hilarious). And of course, its sound couldn’t be more outlying than “Goodbye My Love, Goodbye”: heavy artillery of drums and guitar, trying to fill the most gaps possible while you figure out to make the most of a journey for all that. A pretty strong reason for postponing the pool. Another reason could be Dreamweapon, providing us guitar feedback for snack, gulping with some safe rock. After this you won’t be hungry for more, trust me. Or maybe trying a little more to the roots menu? Because The Quartet of Woah seems the choice, since the 70s looked cool for some reason. Really, this couldn’t be more traditional: drums, guitar, bass and Hammond. To please a lot of the old and the young. Also, the transition to Perro Peligro should be one of the most effectives of the festival. This instrumental act is all but shabby: focused guitars, jumping, grove on, grove off rhythms, progressive stuff, it’s a rumble. Hope to check those guys if no unforeseen arrives.


Main Stages

Pay attention, you new experiences lovers: HHY & The Macumbas to start really soon. Electronic music combined with tribal percussion, horns and masks? Yeah, it’s a show. Expect to enhance in some ritual to some make-up god, and worship It. Never the sunset went more gazing. And accordingly, with the moonrise comes the metal, in charge of Process of Guilt. Don’t worry, the world won’t end and there’s more Milhões after this slap of doom metal, but feel free to evaporate some demons off yourself.

The next band to perform will be Loosers, and the concept is at least somewhat unique. Keeping post punk in mind, Loosers manage to fulfill their songs with increases and decreases of drums, buzzes and whatever they’ll pick, all this while the bass guitar tasks the quantity of each one. Should be interesting to watch, as much as the next name I had already mentioned in the previous preview, Dam Mantle, this time with a few more elements than a mere DJ set. Probably I’ll make it to both concerts, we’ll see what differences this’ll have in comparison with the pool gig.

Once again the game of “guess what it sounds reading their name”?  Because this time you’ll lose, given Egyptian Hip Hop is neither Egyptian nor hip hop. It’s pretty much a influenced 80s pop band from modern Madchester. Their pair of singers also try to play a little charismatic as those bands back in the day, but fail a little. Nevertheless, this promises dancing and yelling girls, and by that we thank you.

Definitely we’re on party mode by this time, and you might better be ready, otherwise this will hit you pow!, right in the kisser – or better spoke in Spanish, ZA! En toda la boca. Very impressive the consistency of this rock beat music for only two Catalans responsible for all the stuff used. Seriously, it’s a rich sonorous fest. Quite a must-see of the night.

Back to the metal, time to Eyehategod. What to say, they’re clearly masters of the sludge, if not the. Besides that, their show always look so intense, the compounded overall of distortion is simply mesmerizing. Let’s hope the late hour won’t retract a few (as what I’m concerned, fucking not).

Whatever, if metal isn’t your awaking medicine, Octa Push will do. Time for the electronic music to take a step and teach us the choreography. I guess their uplifting music and strong bass will do well, but if this really isn’t enough for you, DJ Marfox must kill all resistance with kuduro! Oh my, you can’t say this day won’t be fun. Saturday accomplished, sirs.


And don’t you forget to eat “Panadão do Xispes”

Photos by SMF


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