Bolachas Now Playing

#192: Bedouine, “Bird Songs of a Killjoy”

Azniv Korkejian’s first album as Bedouine, drawing in equal parts from 60s folk music and the easygoing vibes of LA’s Echo Park (some sort of 21st century Laurel Canyon?), got us hooked for weeks. We can already tell the same is bound to happen with her second LP, “Bird Songs of a Killjoy”, finally released last week. Plus: new songs by The Hold Steady, Illiterate Light, Frankie Cosmos, Jesca Hoop, Mega Bog, Palehound, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Courtney Hartman, Erin Rae, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Los Retros, Bamboo, Chelsea Wolfe, Leslie Stevens, Honeysuckle, Rickie Lee Jones, Don DiLego, Jacob Faurholt, Paper Beat Scissors, Alan Power, Calexico and Iron & Wine, and Jamestown Revival.

Bolachas Now Playing, 22/2019 (#192): 

The Hold Steady – Denver Haircut
Illiterate Light – Carolina Lorelei
Frankie Cosmos – Windows
Jesca Hoop – Red White and Black
Mega Bog – Truth in the Wild
Palehound – Killer
Black Belt Eagle Scout – At the Party
Courtney Hartman – Neglect
Bedouine – Under the Night
Bedouine – Matters of the Heart
Erin Rae – Refugee
Slaughter Beach, Dog – Good Ones
Los Retros – Love Tape
BAMBOO – The Deku Tree
Chelsea Wolfe – The Mother Road
Leslie Stevens – 12 Feet High
Honeysuckle – Gaslight
Rickie Lee Jones – Nagasaki
Don DiLego – Your Great Escape
Jacob Faurholt – The Dark Isn’t Right
Paper Beat Scissors – Gun Shy
Alan Power – Hear and Now
Calexico and Iron & Wine – Follow the Water
Jamestown Revival – Who Hung the Moon