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#215: Bill Fay, “Countless Branches”

20 days into the new year and we’re already in love with one of the most beautiful albums 2020 will have to offer. Bill Fay’s third album since breaking a decades-long absence is not only a spotless collection of new songs by the veteran singer-songwriter. The deluxe version is where the true gems are: full band versions of some of the best tracks off the album, plus two bonus tracks and a new arrangement of an old favorite. Fortunately you don’t need to buy a fancy Japanese version of it or stand in line for a RSD release. It’s all on Spotify, just like all these new tracks by The Innocence Mission, Nadia Reid, Aoife Nessa Frances, Samantha Crain, Madison Cunningham, Possessed by Paul James/Official, James Steinle, Margo Price, Soccer Mommy, TORRES, Nap Eyes, David Dondero, The Panhandlers, John Moreland, Hawktail, Thundercat, John Carroll Kirby, Khruangbin & Leon Bridges, Swamp Dogg ft. John Prine, Alabaster dePlume, and LINA_ RAÜL Refree.

Bolachas Now Playing, 03/2020 (#215):

The Innocence Mission – The Brothers Williams Said
Nadia Reid – Get the Devil Out
Aoife Nessa Frances – Land of No Junction
Samantha Crain – An Echo
Madison Cunningham – No One Else to Blame
Bill Fay – Your Little Face
Bill Fay – Filled with Wonder Once Again (Band Version)
Possessed by Paul James – When It Breaks
James Steinle – Back Out on the Road
Margo Price – Stone Me
Soccer Mommy – Circle the Drain
Torres – Dressing America
Nap Eyes – Mark Zuckerberg
David Dondero – Underwater Sculpture Garden
The Panhandlers – No Handle
John Moreland – When My Fever Breaks
Hawktail – The Tobogganist
Thundercat – Black Qualls
John Carroll Kirby – Blueberry Beads
Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – C-Side
Swamp Dogg – Memories (feat. John Prine)
Alabaster Deplume – Whisky Story Time
Lina_Raül Refree – Cuidei que tinha morrido