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#189: The Felice Brothers, “Undress”

In the beginning of the month, Americana heroes The Felice Brothers quietly released “Undress”. Their new collection of songs focuses on, well, 2010s USA, and it turns out to be possibly their most cohesive album – and its fantastic harmonies make it one of the catchiest records of the year so far.

On this week’s playlist: new songs by Ryan Pollie, Olden Yolk, David Berman’s Purple Mountains, Sam Cohen, Mikaela Davis, Pearl Charles, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, The National, Lowland Hum, Native Harrow, William Ryan Fritch, Michael Fracasso, Tōth, Luís Severo, Mega Bog, Joseph Shabason, Aviva le Fey, Little Mazarn, Shannon Lay, Matt Kivel, and Siskiyou.

Bolachas Now Playing, 19/2019 (#189):

Ryan Pollie – Getting Clean
Olden Yolk – Grand Palais
Purple Mountains – All My Happiness is Gone
Sam Cohen – Spinning Love
The Felice Brothers – Jack Reminiscing
The Felice Brothers – Days of the Years
Mikaela Davis – Take 54
Pearl Charles – Sweet Sunshine Wine
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Hey Little Boy
The National – Rylan
Lowland Hum – Slow
Native Harrow – Something You Have
William Ryan Fritch – Lauren’s Love
Michael Fracasso – Mother Nature’s Traveling Show
Tōth – Song to Make You Fall in Love with Me
Luís Severo – Rapaz
Mega Bog – For the Old World
Joseph Shabason – I Don’t Want to Be Your Love (feat. Dan Bejar)
Aviva Le Fey – Bite My Tongue
Little Mazarn – Nobalae
Shannon Lay – Something on Your Mind
Matt Kivel – tyrus
Siskiyou – Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads

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