Milhões de Festa 2013: day 1 preview (Friday 26th)


Now it’s time to anticipate our second day of Milhões de Festa but the first at full speed, with concerts happening at the pool and at the main site of the festival, by Milhões Stage and VICE Stage. For those who never attended Milhões, the concerts of the latters always occur separately and continuously, giving us no slot time without music. Therefore, don’t mind if I don’t distinguish a concert from which stage, they’re a few meters from one another. And you can always check our schedule for the entire festival to be sure what stage the band is performing, collaboration of ours with P3. Thus, I’ll divide the shows in three segments: the Taina Stage concerts, the Pool Stage ones and those of the main stages. Here’s what to see at (still by our definition) day 1 of Milhões de Festa!

Pool Stage

There are some interesting things to check here, no doubt, and even if not of your interest, the soundtrack is right for the swimming-pool. And Juba seems to please both worlds, with a sort of a moderate dysphonic rock who enters in secure territory. If you’re not to pay much attention they won’t bother you, but still, it’s a good start. The next name is by far more intriguing, as it’s another combo that only MdF provides: Yonatan + Igor. The guitarist of the not that long missed Monotonix teams up with the drummer of Throes – and Throes + The Shine, another combo band to turned to be a serious and successful project – to simply do music and fish something out of there. Given the historic of both, maybe another project worth the effort is germinating. The combos shan’t stop; it’s time for Adorno/Papaya! And although little I know of them, they seem like two bands with a lot of members in common, who just gave up and decided to join all together. Fits right with the music: happy punky rock with little worries. Cool, cool, cool. And to finish, a DJ set of course. No day of the Pool Stage is complete without a DJ set, and the honors are to Dam Mantle. But don’t underestimate this one, this guy is intrinsically classy. Even though he’ll come later with a more complete show, this DJ set shouldn’t be ignored with a swimming-pool nearby to chill out and incorporate those edgy beats and painkiller mixing. And here’s how an afternoon is done.


Taina Stage

But hey, screw your swimming-pool, Taina Stage has the better line-up (sorry, no hurt feelings guys I just reviewed). But seriously, consider visiting at least a band out of four. And this band could really be Quelle Dead Gazelle. An instrumental duo with the strength of three or four more, it’s a band who knows how to avoid “that” sameness of a guitar and drums duo. The guitar effects are a constant, and the drums dictates more than the pace, indeed conducts the feel and route of the song. It’s a quality gig, people. The following name is Vai-te Foder. This means “fuck you” in Portuguese. Next band. Ok, ok, sorry. Literally it means “go fuck yourself”, but “fuck you” is shorter and right to the point, much like the band (shocker!). It’s crust-grindcore, what else do you fucking need? But if straight noise isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS. This means tWOsIXTHEENTHSrEVERSED (stylization maintained) in Portuguese, and it literally means nothing more than a reference to the sometimes rapid movements of the band. Because there’s more to it, like beat deconstruction, loudness and softness and weird objects trying to vibrate into music (I’m not saying there’s a vibrator onstage, but there’s a vibrator onstage). You know, fun! And for ending the fun after giving some of theirs, Mr. Miyagi. Couple years ago they managed to turn a full swimming-pool in a synchronized swimming lesson, puts you imagining what it’ll be next for a stage pretty much plain, only with a stone wall next to it. Oh god, please be safe. Well, crazy rock concert safe at least. There’s more of the festival to enjoy.


Main Stages

Wow, this year they really stood up for the first day. I mean, the most anticipated names of the fest will act this night. However, by no means “anticipated” means the best, just that these were the most recognizable for the attenders, and for many this year’s music appeal. Because let’s face it, there’s always a surprisingly surprise new favorite act of the year for each and every one of you. Maybe Papir? Maybe. They have a lot of elements who do well by the sunset, prepare yourself for long time songs who eventually explode in some uplifting krautrock, helping the ambient around it with some delays and chorus. Synths may appear suddenly also. It’s a great opener for the night, I think later on we wouldn’t be so much into this type of music. But for many it’s just the first part of one of the many must-see concerts (if not the main one), it being Mikal Cronin. And I go along with it. Mikal easily stands out of the rest of the festival, not only because it’s getting a well-deserved hype, but also of the music, which is pretty joyful, but much loyal and solid to his roots (San Francisco, beach rock and stuff). What more can I say, I advise you seriously to go listen to both his records, they’re great. Great as the expecting quality of a guy whose past was being a bassist for other guys like Ty Segall. Got your attention now? Good. Do it.

Since we’re talking about some influences, the next artist shares indubitably some with Syd Barrett. Ok, NOT that kind of influences (but also), musical influences. Ladies and gentlemen, Jacco Gardner. But nevermind the copy paste, Jacco knows a lot of the stuff. It’s psychedelic rock how psychedelic rock should be: harmonically complete and timbre rich. If you took drugs for Milhões, this is the time to use them. A concert who I’m guessing will receive a lot of praise.

Disclaimer’s note if I happen to like the following concert (highly probable): treat him as a stand-alone experience, and not as a concert of any of the bands. Because this totally happen last year. Yes, Black Bombaim is back and this time the fusion is Black Bombaim + La La Ressonance, one of the most succeeded Portuguese rock bands along with the already classic act of La La Ressonance. And if you do remember, Black Bombaim + GNOD was something of a full concert length experience, where loudness became the common factor. This time’s common factor? Good question. Maybe BB will bring the whole noise and La La the unfitting gaps. Whatever the result may be, I’m looking forward for the misconception.

So, what’s next? Austra. The indie crowd is looking forward a lot for this one, and maybe that’s why this day is so strong in many levels, each urban crew gets a tremendous concert to watch. Prepare yourself for moving along with those pretty girls singing in between riffing synths and a striking bass. Either way, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always relax, they’re harmless.

…While Camera waits to bring another kind of relaxation, the one where usually your mind just goes away. I have to bring some facts about this recent band but not so recent act: these guys used to play very spontaneous shows in also very spontaneous locations, totally improvising the whole music. Don’t be surprised if this is gig turns out to be performed in the middle of the crowd, an already classic move of Milhões de Festa. Given the videos of those early performances, I sure hope so.

Speaking of Milhões’ traditions, looks like the first big day of the festival is becoming the chosen one to play the concordantly biggest metal band of the line-up. This year’s? Ufomammut. This Italian trio is way powerful, and probably the headbanging will turn out to be not avoidable. Don’t expect much insanely speed on the riffing, they’re not that type, just the sufficient and right. Also, no need for a singer. This experience is based in heavy sound, and I assure you, it’s heavy. Another expecting great concert of the night.

Although I’m awaiting it to be awesome,the feeling I’m getting is it’ll interrupt the partying a little, and Otto Von Schirach is guilty. An americano-cubano-germanico MC, who clearly revises the definition of swag, adds a little breakcore to the heavy partying, while using some doubtful dressing. If you’re indeed going to use drugs back then at Jacco Gardner, this pretty much is the bad trip. Otherwise, lots and lots of fun.

And to close, White Haus turntabling us a DJ set. In other words, X-Wife’s frontman João Vieira choosing us some songs to hear. And this is how you close the first day of Milhões de Festa. Stay tuned for the rest.


And please do come back, crowdsurfing Spiderman.

Photos by SMF



Milhões de Festa 2013: novelties and day 0


It’s that time of the year again! July’s last weekend is coming, and along with it comes Milhões de Festa, our favorite hip music + pretty people Summer festival. So what to expect this year besides baffling concerts and pool partying?

Trombone playing: essentially the same. Yep, seems like Barcelos has finally decided to go steady and not to add any new feature to the fest, after three editions with some experiments but pretty convinced in what works and what to keep. Starting with Taina Stage. Yeah, Taina’s back! Last year I craved for its return and it is back, and the lineup couldn’t be more faithful to the principle of heavy eating, drinking and rocking. But that I’ll speak later on, still in the article, as the first day returns to Cávado’s harcorest belvedere, the remaining days at their time/review. But wait, first day? What about our common denomination of “day 0”?

Well, the previously “unofficial” day of Milhões is now official, counting 4 days of festival. A move that doesn’t affect that much the dynamic of the week – the camping won’t open sooner than that day at noon – and works as a way to increase the importance of having a stage with shows from afternoon to late night. Wait, this is news, no Taina concert started before 9 o’clock a year ago! And it might actually be a great move, because personally I don’t think Taina Stage works great at the Sun’s absence. However, the lineup is appetizing, and let’s check a few shows to watch:

Tamar Aphek. As in what’s usually a habit, I had to search info about this person (at least that I got correct, it’s a name). And here’s what I found: female Israeli, guitarist and singer of Carusella and ED, both Israel stoner rock bands. I advise you to check those bands because little information exits on Tamar’s solo performances (well, there are some videos in her personal facebook but obviously I won’t share them here, you stalkers!), although sources tell me it’s an acoustic set. Pretty way to start, heh?

Canzana and Cangarra. How many bands do you read? If your answer is one or two, wrong! After Canzana and Cangarra (two bands) had giving their solo performance, they’ll reunite synergies to make a very singular performance. Plural. Or singular? Whatever, many numbers of reasons to check these jazz-like jam rockers combined.

PS: another close source (honestly, I’m just checking the official site) suggests it’s in fact an improvise battle?

Spacin’. There’s why “day zero” suddenly it’s day one: because there’s quality bands like Spacin’ playing. Fan of some 21st century psychedelism? Then don’t miss this, they do it good but do it old-school. There’s some garage rock sprinkling in here too, for those who kinda like it more straight. But overall, it’s really one of those typical Milhões concerts where after they get big – or even otherwise –, you’ll get to remember it and be sure why you loved it back then. No doubt one of the must-sees of the night.

Claiana. Clearly the strangest concert of the night, but by no means the worst. Although there’s clearly some problematic afro-beat dragging from those keys and beats, it is shockingly danceable thanks to a mesmerizing voice from its charismatic of simple manners singer. Probably a lot of people will be drunk by then and asking “what the hell?”, so this promises to go splendidly.

Sabre. This would work a lot during the afternoon, but I kinda concur why Milhões didn’t put all his triangles in one basket, because right after Claiana and just before the DJs, there were no other best fitting name than Sabre. Prepare for afternoon coming again and much dancing to do because these tropical rhythms aren’t of possible resistance. This fun and still three full days to go, already worth it.

And after all this, don’t miss the disc-jocking of DJ Lince, DJ Quesadilla, Pedro Beça and DJ TOFU, entitled hosts DJs. Also, during the day, to watch: Phase, the magnificent combo of Ghuna X and Black Bombaim’s Ricardo Miranda; Killing Frost, harcore punk from a returning band of the Portuguese scene; and Holocausto Canibal, given the honors to initiate the metal of the festival, going death. And it’s on, welcome Milhões de Festa 2013!



Milhões de Festa 2012 preview: day 3

Aff, last day of the festival, it’s always an awkward feeling, knowing that these days only will be back in a year. But what is this, I’m already missing Milhões de Festa when it hasn’t even started? No can do. And there’s a lot going on on Sunday, so save the whining for Monday morning. Off we go.

Moon Duo

Swimming Pool Stage

The swimming-pool will be top notch this day. Starting with Grup Ses Beats, this should be interesting: remixed traditional Turkish music (or so it seems) with heavy beats and stuff. That’s pretty much all the info I could obtain on the web, later I’ll figure out if I got it correct.

To talk about Naytronix you need to contextualize that this fellow Nate Brenner plays bass guitar in bands like tUnE-yArDs, and if you’ve heard this you know there’s fucking groove there. Given the credits, his music is characterized with heavy synths, but expect to hear a sax or a guitar from nowhere, it’s like tUnE-yArDs turned futuristic. I’ll be waiting for the conditions of the pool for this, it has the potential of “favorite concert” for a few people.

But ultimately this is the concert lots of people wanna see: Moon Duo. Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and Sanae Yamada are enough to do a heavy-weight psychedelic/space/whatever rock that will throw us all to the pool. Forget the flat water, there will be waves.

Also to check, after all this: DJ Fitz.

Memória de Peixe @ Mercado das Artes © Amílcar Rodrigues

Taina Stage

Midnight Priest is a metal band. There. The leather, old guitars, vintage feel, they rock. Just like that, very straight. Don’t ask for more, but expect to get what you’d think. And it’s much enough.

But the big name to close the Taina Stage sure is Killimanjaro, a band that sums up pretty well the spirit of this stage. Stoner rock who doesn’t afraid of anything and drum plates, the riff-fans will love it. It’s a loud goodbye.

Also check: AmazonasQuartel 469 (not their facebook page but a page for a good cause)

Black Bombaim’s Tojo Rodrigues © Amílcar Rodrigues

Main Stages

Fans of avant-garde… things, here’s your band for Milhões, L’Enfance Rouge. This is wild, expect highs and lows as for loudness is concerned. Also, great fucking distortion! You should learn better, bands over there who just shit either loud sound either dissonant music: do both!

Now one of the most talked/bashed bands in the Portuguese circuit, yes it’s Memória de Peixe. Is this really bad? I’ll answer you with a question: do you like Battles? El Guincho? Hipster Summer bands? If guiltily or not so, why the hate to this? It’s a perfectly legitimate act, drums and guitar doing all the work with help from the loops (curious to see how it works live), and above all things, fits like a glove in the MdF spirit. I’m not telling you to love this, but certainly I can’t understand the hate.

I don’t care, I’ll do the same. Alt-J? That’s bollocks, that voice is unbearable, chick-magnet beats, only the videos are good and even that is hipster clichéd, pfff [I’m kidding! (Am I?)]. Changing the mood, this is pretty enjoyable, moving through many grounds, hip hop, electronic, indie rock, you name it. And most of all, they do it right. I’ll submit to all the praise (but that voice, it’s fucking weird).

All is going to end well when right next plays the best band from Barcelos (I’m sorry other 1001 ones, but it is), they’re Black Bombaim! And guess whose band you’ll get to check again? It’s GNOD, joining them! Really, I deserve some beer from those guys, all the promote and shit (it’s an open invitation). But it makes perfect sense this, Black Bombaim ultimately are in the mood for colabs (this year’s album is full of them, and it rocks a lot), so this should work just fine. One thing for sure: PREPARE YOUR FUCKING EARS. THIS IS ME PREPARING MY VOICE IN CASE I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE DURING THE CONCERT (Cool down, I’m not one of those boring dudes who speaks to you during concerts and adds you on facebook).

The cool bands keep coming, now it’s Red Fang! Another stoner rock band for the day, this one is talented as hell, Mastodon got them for opening their concerts, they’re able of versatile stuff, it’s already a win. The only problem by this time of the festival is going to be mine, either if I still have the energy and ears for this. The hell with this, #YOLO. (sooner or later the change to tumblr. would make me type this)

And to finish, a big fucking party with The Discotexas Band,that is no more no less that a supergroup with artists from the Discotexas catalogue, in which includes two (or three) names that already played in Milhões: Moullinex + Xinobi & Da Chick. It’s the very best, so don’t miss!

Alt-J (∆), or how finally MdF got to have bands with triangles in their names

Other concerts to see: Al-Madar, Riding Pânico, Shangran Electro & Zombies For Money.

So this is it boys and girls. All the bands to Milhões de Festa covered (the ones on top of a stage, at least). This is only half the fun occurring in Barcelos this weekend, be sure to be there. Big holidays, wohooo. For you, with love, Bernardo.

V BSC V (I’ll only check it Monday, and you know why)


Milhões de Festa 2012 preview: day 2

Ah, the middle day of the festival, always the most intense. And if in the day before the lineup lacked international projects, this day makes up for that. I’m really waiting to be surprised by a lot of shows, so should you. Let’s see.

Bro-X’s album cover. Graphic.

Swimming Pool Stage

Hey look, it’s GNOD again. I’ve already said some words about this for Thursday at day zero, so I won’t bother you much. Just pointing out that the conditions will be very different, as it’s the beginning of the afternoon at the swimming-pool versus a midnight show, let’s see how this second show (and not the last, you wait) manages to please the audience.

Next is Revengeance. Ready for feedback, quick tempo and screaming? It’s grindcore, bitches. Really can’t be more succinct.

Seriously man? Bro-X? Jeez. This is hilarious. Mixing hip hop with nintendocore (whatever that means), these guys don’t have a problem with honest lyrics, so to speak. This will be surreal. Please hear the song at the end of this article if you haven’t done so.

Another two-bands-become-one project: Moullinex + Xinobi, alter-egos of Luís Clara Gomes and Bruno Cardoso, respectively. I’m hoping, as usual in this type of collabs, that the result will be even better than just the sum of both DJs beats, and in fact creating something new and vibrant. It will work, I’m sure.

Who’s Da Chick? I don’t know, Rihanna, but she sure sounds like a funny gal. Singing over some funky beats, this is party music. Also, it says “Live Act” on the line-up, will she have a real band supporting her? Doesn’t matter, we’ll still dance to it.

Unicornibot and aluminium paper

Taina Stage

An appealing day in Taina Stage. To start, Jorge Coelho, ex-guitar player of Zen and other cool older Portuguese bands from the 90s. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what kind of things he does solo, but he was a hell of a guitar player. He still is. Should be interesting.

But the great name to highlight here is Unicornibot. Demented stuff, guys with aluminium paper on their heads doing crazy guitar riffs, when they don’t freak out at all and start doing pure noise. Sure, it’s an act, but they also sound great. These Galician guys are a must see.

Also check: Hunted Scriptum and Was an Outsider

El Perro del Mar (Sarah Assbring)

Main Stages

Milhões Stage will start rocking soon, with Blues Pills. Heavy blues-rock (as the name hints), with a Janis-Joplinesque vocalist. Yes, sounds exciting. People, do an effort and go early see this.

Because one of the main acts of the MdF lineup isn’t really playing that late as usual on festivals as well. I’m talking about El Perro del Mar, Sarah Assbring’s indie pop project. And what’s to expect? New songs, from the forthcoming album Pale Fire! The older tunes won’t be left behind, I’m sure, you’ll get to be happy singing and shaking your little heads.

If this was 2007, Prinzhorn Dance School would be really well received [via hype]. Meanwhile, they took a long time releasing another record. It’s out by now, but hadn’t a chance to hear it. And what, who cares about the hype? It’s minimal, raw, but also not for pussies, this Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn’s kind of post-punk. 2007 wasn’t a lot time ago and it still sounds fresh.

Connan Mockasin will probably give one of the best concerts of Milhões. This New Zealander psych pop crafted by Connan Hosford gives a sample of the exotic sound MdF has to give, as comparison to Secret Chiefs 3 last year, I’d say. Let’s ride on a trip? (Translation: got drugs?)

But yeah, the big metal act of the day is missing! Make way for Weedeater then. Powerful stuff. Death growls on a effect loaded micro has got to be badass. Plus slugdy metal to go along. Yep, dirty thing.

Keeping up with the comparisons, I’ve got a feeling that this Publicist concert will happen in the middle of the crowd, as example of Monotonix and Lobster performances in previous years. Ok, maybe not, as this isn’t really rock music but a solitary musician who controls it all with a simple drum set and few pedals, effects and a auto-tuned/phased micro are there too. You’ll be there as well.

Connan Mockasin

Other bands to check: LügerGala Drop, GhunaganghXxXy (really), Hoy! (I’d love to talk about some bands in here as well, but the time is ticking and you should have an opportunity to read this at least a day before the first day of Milhões de Festa. Enjoy the music)

▼ BSC ▼


Milhões de Festa 2012 – Bolachas & P3 printable timetable

Milhões de Festa 2012 – Bolachas & P3 printable timetable