New Arborea: “Pale Horse Phantasm”.

Beautiful song from the new album, Fortress of the Sun, along with a fascinating video.. be sure to read more about the process at Folk Radio UK.

Arborea will be presenting their latest album live on our next Bolachas Session at Mercado Negro, Aveiro, PT next Saturday, May 18th at 10:30pm. Event here.


Emperor X > Mercado Negro, Aveiro > 09/05/13

Bolachas Session #04-2013

Thursday, 9th May 2013 • 10:30pm • €5


Mercado Negro, Aveiro, Portugal



Diva + Matthewdavid > Mercado Negro, Aveiro > 11/04/13

The next Bolachas Session is slightly different from your typical night of Bolachas concerts at Mercado Negro… we’re trading acoustic guitars for synths, samplers and more electronic paraphernalia for one night.

DIVA (electro-pop / USA / Critical Heights) + MATTHEWDAVID (ambient, electronica / USA / Brainfeeder, Leaving Records)

A Diva Dompé performance is an immutable force of love, like the reverse of a horror show but with the same outcome: Once you see her, you cannot unsee what you’ve witnessed, and you’re overwhelmed by this compulsive need to go deeper.
Like Flying Lotus, [Matthew] McQueen’s music can trigger out-of-body reactions, thanks to irreverent sampling and Ritalin-deprived drum programming.


more info

tickets: €4 presale / €5 door


Plastic Flowers > Mercado Negro, Aveiro > 09/05/13

Plastic Flowers live at Mercado Negro in our latest Bolachas Session. What an amazing concert by a Greek dream pop act you’ll hear a lot about in the future. Tomorrow they’ll embark on a journey through the US, starting in Austin where they’ll play several SXSW showcases, followed by a small east coast tour. Make sure you follow them on Facebook for more info on showcases and US gigs.


Marco Z, Aveiro

Marco Z, “Hot Burrito #1”. 26 February 2013, Aveiro, Rossio park. Also amazing and one of the best Flying Burrito Brothers cover I’ve heard to date.