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Milhões de Festa 2012 preview: day 2

Ah, the middle day of the festival, always the most intense. And if in the day before the lineup lacked international projects, this day makes up for that. I’m really waiting to be surprised by a lot of shows, so should you. Let’s see.

Bro-X’s album cover. Graphic.

Swimming Pool Stage

Hey look, it’s GNOD again. I’ve already said some words about this for Thursday at day zero, so I won’t bother you much. Just pointing out that the conditions will be very different, as it’s the beginning of the afternoon at the swimming-pool versus a midnight show, let’s see how this second show (and not the last, you wait) manages to please the audience.

Next is Revengeance. Ready for feedback, quick tempo and screaming? It’s grindcore, bitches. Really can’t be more succinct.

Seriously man? Bro-X? Jeez. This is hilarious. Mixing hip hop with nintendocore (whatever that means), these guys don’t have a problem with honest lyrics, so to speak. This will be surreal. Please hear the song at the end of this article if you haven’t done so.

Another two-bands-become-one project: Moullinex + Xinobi, alter-egos of Luís Clara Gomes and Bruno Cardoso, respectively. I’m hoping, as usual in this type of collabs, that the result will be even better than just the sum of both DJs beats, and in fact creating something new and vibrant. It will work, I’m sure.

Who’s Da Chick? I don’t know, Rihanna, but she sure sounds like a funny gal. Singing over some funky beats, this is party music. Also, it says “Live Act” on the line-up, will she have a real band supporting her? Doesn’t matter, we’ll still dance to it.

Unicornibot and aluminium paper

Taina Stage

An appealing day in Taina Stage. To start, Jorge Coelho, ex-guitar player of Zen and other cool older Portuguese bands from the 90s. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what kind of things he does solo, but he was a hell of a guitar player. He still is. Should be interesting.

But the great name to highlight here is Unicornibot. Demented stuff, guys with aluminium paper on their heads doing crazy guitar riffs, when they don’t freak out at all and start doing pure noise. Sure, it’s an act, but they also sound great. These Galician guys are a must see.

Also check: Hunted Scriptum and Was an Outsider

El Perro del Mar (Sarah Assbring)

Main Stages

Milhões Stage will start rocking soon, with Blues Pills. Heavy blues-rock (as the name hints), with a Janis-Joplinesque vocalist. Yes, sounds exciting. People, do an effort and go early see this.

Because one of the main acts of the MdF lineup isn’t really playing that late as usual on festivals as well. I’m talking about El Perro del Mar, Sarah Assbring’s indie pop project. And what’s to expect? New songs, from the forthcoming album Pale Fire! The older tunes won’t be left behind, I’m sure, you’ll get to be happy singing and shaking your little heads.

If this was 2007, Prinzhorn Dance School would be really well received [via hype]. Meanwhile, they took a long time releasing another record. It’s out by now, but hadn’t a chance to hear it. And what, who cares about the hype? It’s minimal, raw, but also not for pussies, this Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn’s kind of post-punk. 2007 wasn’t a lot time ago and it still sounds fresh.

Connan Mockasin will probably give one of the best concerts of Milhões. This New Zealander psych pop crafted by Connan Hosford gives a sample of the exotic sound MdF has to give, as comparison to Secret Chiefs 3 last year, I’d say. Let’s ride on a trip? (Translation: got drugs?)

But yeah, the big metal act of the day is missing! Make way for Weedeater then. Powerful stuff. Death growls on a effect loaded micro has got to be badass. Plus slugdy metal to go along. Yep, dirty thing.

Keeping up with the comparisons, I’ve got a feeling that this Publicist concert will happen in the middle of the crowd, as example of Monotonix and Lobster performances in previous years. Ok, maybe not, as this isn’t really rock music but a solitary musician who controls it all with a simple drum set and few pedals, effects and a auto-tuned/phased micro are there too. You’ll be there as well.

Connan Mockasin

Other bands to check: LügerGala Drop, GhunaganghXxXy (really), Hoy! (I’d love to talk about some bands in here as well, but the time is ticking and you should have an opportunity to read this at least a day before the first day of Milhões de Festa. Enjoy the music)

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