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#255: Christian Kjellvander, “About Love and Loving Again”

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As the year draws to a close and the days become darker, so does our playlist. Or maybe it’s just the moody influence of our album of the week, Christian Kjellvander‘s About Love and Loving Again. Namedropping is cheating, but the veteran – although not that well-known outside of Scandinavia – Swedish singer-songwriter might be up your alley if you’re into some not so strange mix between Nick Cave and Jason Molina with a post-rocky Americana vibe.

Bolachas Now Playing

#12: Sufjan Stevens, “Carrie & Lowell”


Sufjan + 11

Bolachas Now Playing, 12/2015:
Death Cab for Cutie – No Room In Frame
Jessie Baylin – Black Blood
Laura Marling – Gurdjieff’s Daughter
Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing
Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July
Sufjan Stevens – John My Beloved
Andrew Combs – Nothing To Lose
Tim Foljahn – Beloved
Christopher Paul Stelling – Warm Enemy
Ryley Walker – Same Minds
Nils Frahm – Wall
Lightning Bolt – Horsepower
Jozef Van Wissem – Ex Cathedra
Föllakzoid – Electric