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#154: Lori McKenna, “The Tree”

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Summertime may mean less frequent releases every week until mid September, but Lori McKenna never rests. Her new album “The Tree” is on the spotlight this week! Plus: new songs by Bonnie “Prince” Billy (although you should go watch the video instead), The Goon Sax, Spare Snare, Les Big Byrd, The Devil Makes Three, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Mattiel, Tracyanne And Danny, Amanda Shires, Cam, Waxahatchee, Steady Holiday, Trampled by Turtles, Nathan Salsburg, The Deep Dark Woods, Willie Nelson, and Cale Tyson.

Bolachas Now Playing, 27/2018 (#154): 

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Blueberry Jam

The Goon Sax – Make Time 4 Love

Spare Snare – And Now It Is Over

Les Big Byrd – A Little More Numb

The Devil Makes Three – Bad Idea

Aaron Lee Tasjan – Heart Slows Down

Mattiel – Cass Tech

Tracyanne & Danny – Alabama

Amanda Shires – Parking Lot Pirouette

Lori McKenna – A Mother Never Rests

Lori McKenna – Like Patsy Would

Cam – Road to Happiness

Waxahatchee – Chapel of Pines

Steady Holiday – Who’s Gonna Stop Us

Trampled by Turtles – Wildflowers

Nathan Salsburg – Impossible Air

The Deep Dark Woods – The Banks of the Leopold Canal

Willie Nelson – Summer Wind

Cale Tyson – What Doesn’t Kill You


I was thinking about writing a really lame pun as a title for this post (“Buzz LITEyear” was at the top of my list), but then I changed my mind because that would’ve been fucking stupid. So I’ll write about LITE instead: they’re a Japanese math rock band formed in 2003, and they’ve recently released a new mini-LP, Past, Present, Future, which you can find out there if you google it enough. “Bond” is its first single, a nice and funky track you can listen to in the video above. And now that I wrote about them like Henrique (who is the guitarist for an equally great band) asked me to in the hopes someone would bring them to Portugal, I can finally have a rest from a pretty hectic week. Also, Henrique, you guys still owe me pizza.