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#207: Yīn Yīn, “The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers”

YĪN YĪN’s debut album is another gem coming from the same vibrant Dutch scene that brought us the great Altin Gün. But instead of looking at Turkish folk and psychedelia for influence, the lads from Maastricht infuse South East Asian textures in their Moroder-inspired disco – with a nod to the Ghanaian institution that is Kiki Gyan’s “24 Hours in a Disco” in their single “Dis kô dis kô”. Plus: new tracks by 10 000 Russos, Heavy Lungs, Ancient Shapes, Battles, PAUS, Maria Reis, Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan, Sarah Pagé, Destroyer, Mikal Cronin, Why?, Common Holly, Simone White, Andy Shauf, Frazey Ford, Courtney Barnett, Youbet, Lankum, Leonard Cohen, and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster.


Festival Paredes de Coura 2012 – Day 1

You know, It’s rainy. My sixth year and I’ve never witnessed such a monsoon. To make things better I was camping, my tent got completely soaked and with it all my clothes and mostly all my food. I needed a bucket to drain the water, so I decided to sleep on my car until the sun decided to show up. Bear Grylls is a spoiled brat when compared to what I’ve been through.

© Hugo Lima

 © Hugo Lima

Anyway, let’s jump forward. Concerts. First thing, compared to the last day this one had a lot more to offer.

Sun Araw started early, first show of the day. As usual, Cameron Stallones brought us a cosmic voyage even Carl Sagan would be jealous of. Guitars full of echoes and different vibes presented the tenacious audience. Especially those who were high on mescaline.

One of the most expected bands on the whole – Japandroids – just followed. Vancouver born and raised the duo delighted the audience. With their fast and aggressive play style they conquered all of the soggy hearts in the public, and, eventually, the moshing started. The house that heaven built was probably the most well received song among everyone and there was even time for a little sing along on the chorus.

 Japandroids © Hugo Lima

I confess I’m not a fan of tUnE-yArDs (fuck this typo), but I guess everyone digged them and I heard wonders after the show. First of all I’m not fan of androgynous girls but I guess you must be different these days, right?

Anyway, it was a happy show, and I’m glad it was. Everytime Merrill Garbus clapped everyone did. She was such a crowd pleaser. The music, you know how it is. Can’t say it isn’t catchy… but I’m not the biggest fan. Sorry guys.  Anyhow, if you’re fan of the band I guess you’d be pleased watching them, especially Merrill.

 tUnE-yArDs © Hugo Lima

Now the moment I’ve been waiting for. As a fan of Pavement (especially Wowee Zowee), Malkmus is one of my favorite songwriters. Unfortunately it wasn’t Pavement playing but nevertheless Malkmus needed the main stage. C’mon. Diss dudes. That’s what you did.

Mostly playing his latest Mirror Traffic, a somehow less noisier record, the crowd just didn’t noticed what was happening. Apart from – supposedly – most known songs like Tigers or Senator both featured on their latest, there was still time for some oldies (e.g. Jenny and The Ess Dog, Church on White) and even for a Pavement cover (Speak, See, Remember). Standard (amazing) rock show just happened. God bless you, Stephen.

 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks © Hugo Lima

Now time for some Friends. Exactly, to meet my friends. But there was still time to witness the beautiful Samantha Urbani disguised as a policewoman (?) and making every guy in the crowd tempted.  She tried to please the audience with crowdsurfing, references to Pussy Riot (the russian band, etc) and I guess the crowd digged her. Not literally, but they wished.

 Friends © Hugo Lima

Portuguese favorite fatty (see day 0 post) was back now with a band named PAUS (sticks). With a strong bass, frantic keyboard and double drums they seem to be one of the favorites among the public. One of their members, Hélio Morais just gave back the warm acceptance saying that “Paredes de coura é amor” (Paredes de coura is Love, more or less like this.) Guess you’ll always be welcome here.

 Nice Shirt. PAUS © Hugo Lima

Nuno Lopes was the chosen DJ the close the close the stage. Classic.