Tour announcement: Paper Beat Scissors (CA)

We’re proud to announce the definitive Portuguese dates of the Paper Beat Scissors European tour (Tim Crabtree solo). Tim will be playing in five Portuguese cities, starting tomorrow (February 10th) in Aveiro, opening for Canadian songwriter Hannah Epperson in Lisbon (11th), and then playing three more shows in Porto (12th), Vila Real (13th) and Évora (15th) before leaving for a couple more shows in southern Spain.


Mr. Bungle have reunited to contribute to the Desert Sessions’ 11th volume. Ok, probably not, but this is the closest thing to a Bungle trip (in more than a single way) in the desert you’ll ever listen to. The debut album by SOUQ will probably be released later in 2013


Plane Ticket has put a new song online for y’all to enjoy to commemorate their 1000th Facebook follower. I don’t think there’s a reason why you wouldn’t listen to this nice piece of classic indie rock right away.


<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Blank Map by Plane Ticket</a>

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Bolachas Session #01: Cavalheiro @ Mercado Negro

It’s somewhat ironic that our series of concerts, the Bolachas Sessions, was born on All Souls’ Day. Some of our favorite Portuguese and international artists will come by our favorite venue in the town of Aveiro, Portugal, Mercado Negro (at least for the next few concerts) to show why they managed to find a place in Bolachas peeps’ hearts… and also their music, of course. Wanna know who’ll be next for making an appearance at Mercado Negro and right here on I’ll tell you by the end of this review.

Cavalheiro and his buddy Maroto

While I don’t reveal that (and while you forget scroll down exists), why not telling you how off we flied in an ambitious start with Cavalheiro? In no need to get in an airplane to arrive at Aveiro city, this fine gentleman Tiago Ferreira born and raised in Santo Tirso, Porto – only actually born in the big city – decided it was time for Aveiro to know and appreciate some of his charming songs. Only accompanied by his acoustic guitar and an additional lead guitar player, they presented their latest EP Ritmo Cruzeiro (which you can all listen to on his bandcamp), along with songs from their other EP releases, Primeiro and Farsas.

Right, enough ass kissing already. How did it go?


Pretty good, in fact, aside from a little annoying amp problem, which decided that the middle of the concert would be the perfect time to start choking and losing voltage. Nice little prima donna, you stinking guitar amp. I guess the choosing of equipment for room concerts sure seems criterial. Oh yeah, it took place in the big red room of Mercado Negro, instead of the auditorium. No tickets, completely free for the public! Well, little it matters now, it’s over. Session #02 will not be free, but you don’t get to see both Zachary Cale and The Black Swans everyday, right? Here’s your spoiler.

Wait, I’m not finished, few more things to say. As for example the dry and disguised humor of mr. Cavalheiro, hard to get reaction from the crowd (less timid by the end for it, it all ended well), or the fullness “Carmo” achieved missing half of the instruments, as well as an even better than the record “Boa Sorte”. And how to forget those two bonus tracks, and here’s the second surprise, two covers! Because let’s make a big finale switching singing language and doing “Dancing in the Dark”, by Bruce Springsteen – impossible of ruining and confirmed – and “Desire Lines” of Deerhunter. Man, how I missed an encore. To be solved by attending other Cavalheiro’s concert. If not possible, next Bolachas Session is up to next November, the 23rd, see you there!

Mercado’s Red Room

As for the bands performing at #2, I’ve already told somewhere in the article. Never too late for a Halloween trick. The treats are on us.


All photos by João Peça

Uncategorized – Fuga EP (2012)

Fuga may be’s debut release, but none of the band members can be called a novice. Raising from the ashes of the mid-00s Portuguese powerhouse Madcab, which included now-well established musicians Luís Costa or Azevedo Silva,’s first EP follows the footsteps of said now defunct act and drinks from the same water that made Oceansize’s brand of neoprogrock (whatever that means) so popular in the latter years of last decade. You can stream and download the five tracks for free on their Bandcamp. Just follow the widget below.


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