I discovered Maps & Atlases a while ago, when I was sent a physical promo copy of their 2010 album, Perch Patchwork. And I enjoyed it, even though the title track really, really, REALLY reminded me of a tune on Pokémon Sapphire for Lilycove City. Good game, by the way. Gotta catch’em all. Anyway, my point is this: if you want me to listen to and enjoy your band, send physical copies of your records. I’ll give you my address and everything and write the best review you’ll ever read. Honestly. “Remote & Dark Years” is Maps & Atlases’ first single for their upcoming album, “Beware & Be Grateful”, and it’s a nice folkish rock song in the vein of Bruce Springsteen, whose show I’ll miss next month BECAUSE I WAS SCHEDULED A COLLEGE EXAM FOR THE NEXT FUCKING DAY AND


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