Reverence Valada 2015

Last but not least, there’s one of the most surprising lineups of the year at the end of the outdoors festival season. The first Reverence Festival at the small village of Valada, Cartaxo takes place between tonight (a welcome party with Mars Red Sky, our friends SOUQ et al.) and Saturday, with headlining acts from Electric Wizard (Friday), the legendary Hawkwind and The Black Angels (pictured; Saturday). But the beauty of this festival (apart from the location) also resides in the small names that play at 4pm or 4am: expect to be blown away by Portuguese acts Sunflare, Black Bombaim, Mão Morta, Azimov and 10000 Russos; chill out and appreciate nature along folky acts as Wooden Wand or Woods and dwell into the psychedelic world of Sleepy Sun, Cave, Moon Duo or Bardo Pond. And don’t forget Genesis P-Orridge’s freak show that’s Psychic TV.

The schedule (plus a map of the festival grounds) they provided is good enough so we didn’t do our own this time. See you there!

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