Soledad Vélez at Ritz Club 20th February (Grito Rock ’13)

Beautiful and talented, Chilean singer/songwriter, Valencia, ES based Soledad Vélez is playing tonight (February 20th) at the Ritz Club, via the Grito Rock festival along with Nice Weather For Ducks and Erica Buettner.


She will also be playing for the next three days in the other venues of Grito Rock:


Feb 21st: Coimbra @ Salão Brazil (A Jigsaw, First Breath After Coma)

Feb 22nd: Porto @ Maus Hábitos (Birds Are Indie, Olavo Lüpia)

Feb 23rd: Leiria @ Beat Club (La Inesperada Sol Dual, Team Maria)

Tickets for each day cost €6.

See you there!


Sonny & the Sunsets > Casa das Artes, Coimbra > 25/09/12

We told you not to miss it and I hope you blindly followed our orders.

When was the last time you went to a gig and had a reception with free fruit salad on a stick and plethora of drinks to choose from? Lugar Comum, the promoters from the Coimbra show, really did their best to make sure you were in the right mood to properly enjoy some Sonny & the Sunsets, despite the rainy and windy weather outside. In the beginning of the concert, the band sounded a bit sloppy though, indicating that perhaps it wasn’t a very good idea for us to sit down on the ground on a non-seated venue. Bands don’t soundcheck thinking about people sitting on the ground, you know. In spite of that, there’s nothing not to love about songs like “Reflections on Youth” or “Love Among Social Animals”.