House of Wolves @ Divan du Monde (Paris) – 24/05/2013

House of Wolves @ Divan du Monde (Paris) – 24/05/2013

House of Wolves represents the direct translation of Villalobos, the Hispanic name of the owner of this musical project. After self-releasing his first album, Fold in the Wind, in 2011, almost two years later the album is distributed by the French label Fargo. This was the bridge to the inclusion of House of Wolves in the first edition of Fargo Rock City Festival in Paris. Divan du Monde was a bit empty, but it was somehow expectable, as we had Villagers and Deerhunter that played in two neighbouring venues in the same night…

Alone on stage with his guitar, Rey timidly started the concert with “Jealous”, showing everyone that his voice is as amazing live as it is on record. “Flight” came next and it was probably the song that filled most my heart with positive feelings (“Baby, you’re the one, baby, baby, you’re the one…”). The highlight of the concert was the opening song of Fold in the Wind, where Rey spreads a vintage tune and the sweet request “kiss me like if the 50’s…”.

Even without other instruments but the guitar, we all enjoyed the songs of this little man with a cool squared shirt that landed in Paris directly from Los Angeles. Maybe because the jetlag, the concert was too short, with only 8 songs… It was early and everybody was in concentrated in the songs, so it would be perfect to listen the entire album. At the end of the show, Rey came down directly among the public, handshaking almost everybody in the room. It was the perfect end of a nice and very intimate show.

You can check House of Wolves’ beautiful album on his bandcamp. Please try to catch him next time that he shows up in Europe!