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#367: 100 gecs, “10,000 gecs”

Bolachas Now Playing

#120: Twain, “Rare Feeling” / Destroyer, “ken”

Bolachas Now Playing, 35/2017 (#120):

Twain – The Sorcerer

Twain – Dear Mexico (Thank You for Joyce)

Penny Blacks – Black Wool

Lee Ranaldo – Circular

Ronnie Fauss – Twenty-Two Years

Calexico – End of the World with You

Jess Locke – Universe

Peach Pit – Being So Normal

Dedekind Cut – Tahoe

The Blow – Get Up

Destroyer – A Light Travels Down the Catwalk

Destroyer – Ivory Coast

King Krule – Biscuit Town

Shilpa Ray – Manhattanoid Creepazoids

Siv Jakobsen – Berry & Whythe

Langhorne Slim – Funny Feelin’

Raoul Vignal – Under the Same Sky

Chris Stapleton – Millionaire

Margo Price – All American Made

Bolachas Now Playing

#36: Ryan Adams, “1989”

We know, everybody’s talking about it, you must be tired of it already, but we couldn’t help it. We had to include three songs off Ryan Adams’ take on Taylor Swift’s 1989 on our weekly playlist. But, you know, there’s more to it, and a lot of brand new music to explore, from the calm beauty of the new Richard Hawley record to some real infectious tunes by Battles, John Grant, and The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. Also, be sure to check out Penny Blacks’ new beautiful EP. Jason Ogden sure is one of the most interesting songwriters in Canada right now.


Penny Blacks, “Harbour” (selfreleased, 2011)

That awkward moment when you’re listening to a great album and realize no label, big or small, bothered to release it. Canadian songwriter Jason Ogden did it all by himself – or perhaps he didn’t, as his project Penny Blacks eventually grew to be a full 7-piece band – and selfreleased his first LP, Harbour, without any help from the big ones. The result is a stellar folk-rock album from a group of musicians who clearly look like they’ve been doing this for a long time now; although they’ve been compared to The Dears or Decemberists in the past I would place them somewhere between Americana acts Richmond Fontaine and Centro-matic – Ogden’s vocals definitely sound like Will Johnson’s, which is one of the best compliments you can give to anyone who sings in a band like this. Listening to Harbour while working on a cafe (like me, as I write these words) could be your favorite thing to do on these cold Fall afternoons. You can do it below on their Bandcamp – and buy the digital for a tenner if you like it enough.