Atoms For Peace – Amok


I’m probably just throwing whatever indie cred I have left out of this twenty-three story window we call modern life, but let me say this: I like RHCP. I love Flea. I love that he once auditioned for Public Image Ltd. (which, incidentally, is a band that I love). I love his catchy, funky bass lines. I love it he’s still going strong despite playing for a band that has gone way past their prime (oh, how I fucking love – and miss – Californication’s absolute lack of pretension and great tunes to sing along to). So, when I found out Atoms For Peace would be a supergroup consisting of both him and Thom Yorke (whom I like, not love, but respect), along with some other guys no one cares about (just kidding), I was excited to hear what could possibly come out of their epic brainstorming. Amok, however, kind of failed to deliver – not that it is a bad record, it is actually a pretty great record, but I was expecting something funkier, something that would blow my mind away (then again, I should know hype is a very dangerous thing), and not just The King Of Limbs 2.0. Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to settle for dancey tunes such as “Before Your Very Eyes”, for the overall dub techno feel I get from this record, and for Yorke’s vocal take on “Judge, Jury And Executioner”, depressing-but-not-in-a-cut-your-wrists-right-fucking-now-kind-of-way, depressing in the sense that you could be chilling to it at the beach during sunset, like in a Café del Mar soundtrack or something of the sort. I like, not love, Amok; but I’m glad it came out and gave a reason for Yorkey and Fleayey to carry on with their rockstar lives past forty, that it gave them – especially Flea – a special kind of artistic credibility outside their regular bands. In a way, Amok might very well get some hipsters thinking, manFlea’s pretty good, isn’t heWhy the hell did I hate RHCP in the first place? Why the fuck do I hate funWhy isn’t James Blake in here?



My dear friends from Blessed Feathers, who released an album on Cakes and Tapes around this time last year will put out a new record, Peaceful Beasts In An Ocean Of Weeds next October 9. But first, they teamed up with Peter Wolf Crier to do a pretty good cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Porcelain”.

The new album will be released as hand-numbered, limited-edition digital vinyl discs. All pre-orders of the album placed before street date will receive a free copy of the new Summer/Fall 2012 issue of frontman Donivan Berube’s literary zine, Sleeping in a Torn Quilt / Dreaming of Gold. I own the first issue and the zine alone is totally worth the money you’ll spend on the record. Also, go see them live if you’re around:

09/07 – Milwaukee, WI @ Yellow Phone Music Conference
09/09 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Hotel Foster#
10/08 – Milwaukee, WI @ Stonefly Brewery*
10/09 – Rock Island, IL @ Rozz-Tox QC*
10/10 – Champaign, IL @ Mike N Molly’s*
10/11 – North Manchester, IN @ The Firehouse*
10/12 – Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe*
10/13 – Youngstown, OH Cedar’s Lounge*
10/14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers Coyote Cafe*
10/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Brewery (The AV Club CMJ Party)
10/17 – New York, NY @ Stratosphere Studio* (Fred Perry & Insound Vinyl CMJ Party)

# – w/ Hugh Bob & the Hustle

* – w/ Way Yes (Lefse Records)

Stream the C&T-released album From the Mouths of the Middle Class here:

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>From the Mouths of the Middle Class by Blessed Feathers</a>